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Snowy magic in the villages of Northern Italy

Tuesday 12 january 2021

Italy is full of beautiful places to visit at any time of the year, but some of them become very special during the winter and snowfall, turning them into real postcards.

Snowy magic in the villages of Northern Italy

As much as you may be a fan of good weather and milder temperatures, few can escape the boundless fascination that an enchanted village in the middle of the snow can provoke. Like little modern cribs, some snow-covered villages can arouse wonderful emotions and literally win the hearts of anyone who wants to visit them, making them the setting for unforgettable journeys and feelings that will remain with you forever.

In this article we have decided to propose three of the best snow-covered villages in Italy that will project you into real postcards to experience the magic of white snow. Put on your snow boots and follow us on this snowy itinerary.

Ssentiero immaginario cimbro Luserna
Sentiero Cimbro dell'immaginario, Luserna

Let's start in Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, in the Aosta Valley. This enchanted village is located right at the foot of the mountains, where you can watch the sun go down behind its peaks and admire the dusk reflecting off its white snow. The village seems to be carved directly out of the mountain, offering a concentration of small typical Aosta Valley dwellings that are criss-crossed by ski trails perfect for cross-country skiing. The final touch that makes the landscape perfect is the presence of a small river that rises with its fresh and lively waters, bringing this small village to life.

photo by Davide Bernardinello

Let's move on to Ostana, a characteristic Piedmontese village with steep streets that branch off between dwellings with unmistakable mountain features, created by the composition of white and polished stones, resistant to all weather conditions. Admiring this village in the middle of winter and especially enriched by a heavy snowfall is certainly a unique experience, as you can admire an enchanted place in the middle of the mountains. The climate and the territory are typically mountainous, and you can enjoy walks and adventures in the snow with snowshoes, literally immersing yourself in its whiteness, even choosing more challenging routes such as the ascent to 2300 metres with the Ostanetta peak.

photo by

Last but not least, situated south of Trento, we find Luserna. A village that knows how to express its potential also thanks to the presence of snow, made up of colourful houses that emerge in the absolute white surrounding it, rich in history and past that is handed down, even today, in their culinary tradition and in the lifestyle of its citizens. History is also part of the beauty of the world, and there are many historical testimonies that enrich and make this village unique, such as the fortifications and walkways inherited from the First World War. As well as feeling like you are in a real fairytale landscape, surrounded by uncontaminated nature and beautiful scenery, you can also savour its characteristics through the old-fashioned flavour that only a village like Luserna can provide. Try, for example, the typical crepes fried in butter, called Kaiserschmarren, enriched with jam and sugar: the perfect touch when you are warm in the hut, and it is snowing outside.


Main photo of Antonio Petrone, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame


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