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A fantastic journey through the charming villages of Molise

Wednesday 26 july 2023

Between hills and mountains, this region is able to offer wonderful emotions by discovering the small villages and their stories.

A fantastic journey through the charming villages of Molise

Mentioned for the first time during the medieval period, Molise offers the incomparable opportunity to take a fantastic journey through its charming villages. The territory is not particularly large, but nevertheless, is able to offer the traveler a wonderful and varied panorama all to admire.
To the eyes of those who arrive in this wonderful and generous land, there are horizons characterized by enchanting and different landscapes, where they find their space many activities, as well as a wide range of possible entertainment, not to mention its beautiful villages, villages and towns, all rich in cultural and historical interest.
Molise, from an environmental point of view, is equally divided between hills and mountains. Therefore, the tourist can pleasantly penetrate both between high peaks, hillsides and valleys and appreciate its delightful coastline almost forty kilometers long.

Castello di Cerro Al Volturno
Castle of Cerro Al Volturno

Right along this enchanting area, there is the charming and ancient village of Termoli. Almost overlooking the Adriatic Sea, this village has maintained unchanged its evocative image of a fortified citadel, embellished and refined by characteristic alleys and squares.
Even if, following the sacking of the town in 1566 by the Turks, the archive sources useful to document its origin have been lost, the discovery of several necropolis of the VI century B.C. testify an ancient human presence.
A strategic center for coastal defense, Termoli was proclaimed county capital by the Longobards. Subsequently it passed to the Carolingians, the Normans and the Swabians. Until 1847, when Ferdinand II authorized the construction even beyond the ancient walls, they enclosed the nucleus of Termoli.
Absolutely not to miss a visit to the Cathedral and the Swabian Castle.

Termoli, castello

Another ancient and amazing village of Molise, is Sant'Elena Sannita, quietly nestled at an altitude of eight hundred meters and nestled in the nearby Matese National Park which was established in 2017 and offers over one hundred thousand hectares of fantastic nature. A welcoming Molise village, which offers a unique location. In fact, wandering through its charming alleys, you can admire interesting glimpses of ancient memory.
Inhabited throughout the year by no more than a hundred souls, Sant'Elena Sannita has been the home of knife-grinders who, over time and as a result of new trends, have become perfumers.
Not for nothing, an important historical testimony of its glorious past can be admired by visiting the Museum of Perfume, as is also evidenced by the presence of a bronze statue dedicated to the figure of the grinder.

La Statua dell’Arrotino di Sant’Elena Sannita
The Statue of the Arrotino of Saint Helen Sannita - Photo by

Staying at the only accommodation facility here open and located in the historic center of the village, you can discover all the other historical, scenic and natural beauty preserved in this enchanting village, such as the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Ortapiana Fountain.
Other wonderful villages to visit in Molise are, going to conclude, Scapoli, also famous for its handmade bagpipes as is Agnone for the bells.

Agnone, campane

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