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Video: from Reggio Calabria a journey through the villages and the beauty of the territory

Tuesday 05 october 2021

What to do and what to visit in the tip of the boot of Italy, starting from Reggio Calabria we will discover Bova, Gerace, Stilo, Roccella Ionica, Scilla and Aspromonte Park.

Visiting this city means discovering the true face of Calabria, with the cultural incursions that it still receives from nearby Sicily and a palette of natural colors unique in the world.
Once in the city, the first stop is the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria which houses the famous Bronze of Riace, found in 1972 in the bay of Riace and which has become a symbol of the region. After the visit, you can take a walk along the seafront, to discover the beauty of the sea and the proximity of the Sicilian coast, which at night lights up with the lights of the city, appearing as a’unique land.

The seafront is 1700 meters long and is considered the longest in Europe. Crossing it, you will find many interesting attractions such as the three humanoids made by Calabrian sculptor Rabarama, to arrive after a few minutes at the Arena dello Stretto, which houses an amphitheater that overlooks the Strait of Messina.
In the center of the city, however, is the Castle Aragonese where events and concerts are often organized and on the main street you can not miss the majestic cathedral: despite having suffered great damage due to the earthquake of 1908, in fact, the’sacred building è was rebuilt with an Art Nouveau style that gives it an exceptional charm.

At the end of the walk, stop to eat some delicious arancini in one of the many street food in the center. If you prefer a fuller-bodied cuisine, however, Reggio Calabria offers fresh seafood cooked in a simple and traditional way.

The city is also a great place to eat.

A visit to Bova

Continuing the journey south, you will meet Bova, pearl of the’Aspromonte and a symbol of the Greek presence in the past. Bova was born in the eighth century BC and still today some of its inhabitants speak Greek, evidence of the migratory flow that led the ancient Hellenes in Italy, where they established their colonies. Strolling in the village, you will be amazed by the beauty of the Cathedral and the tower of the Norman Castle.

A dip in the beauty: the village of Gerace

Gerace takes its name from the Greek word “jerax”, which means sparrowhawk. An ancient legend tells that the inhabitants of the ancient Locri founded this town in the place where a bird of prey decided to rest. The whole village is a wonderful journey to visit slowly, a place where time seems to stand still and every house recalls the splendor of a distant past but still alive: sumptuous buildings, beautiful views and a people from the extraordinary welcome.

Out of the tourist routes: Stilo

Stilo is still little known by mass tourism and is a treasure trove of beauty and spirituality. Almost at the border with Catanzaro, this village offers a perfectly maintained village with ancient fountains, churches full of art and beauty and many narrow streets that leave the visitor speechless. Going up the village, there is the beautiful Catholic, a sign of the presence of Eastern monks in this area: Byzantine-style frescoes and a superb landscape to admire and remember.

Lying on one of the most beautiful beaches in the region: Seminara

Lying on the Plain of Gioia Tauro emerges Seminara and the crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and Cala Janculla. Seminara not è only sea but centuries of history that l’ve seen the theater of the mostù bloody battles of 500. Rich of poets, men of letters, nobles and artists of world-wide fame, this place is famous for the ceramics very appreciated by the tourists and for the feast of August 14th in honor of the Madonnina of the poor. According to tradition, in fact, the Basilian monks, along with refugees who survived Tauriana, gathered together in prayer to ask the Madonna to be freed from the pirates who had destroyed the cityà

Roccella Ionica and its beautiful beaches

Immersed in the Ionian Sea, Roccella Ionica has the most crystal clear waters of the whole region: white and very fine sand, green hills and an unmistakable Mediterranean maquis that make it the ideal place to spend a weekend or a summer vacation. Arriving in this place, one realizes the history that has passed through it: ancient Christian traditions, the small port that always hosts many tourists and an unforgettable sunset.

Aspromonte National Park: waterfalls, forests and unspoilt nature

Many people think that Calabria is all about the sea, yet there are many verdant areas where nature is still unspoilt, such as the Aspromonte National Park. Entering the park, in fact, è you can admire the beauty of waterfalls, green meadows and dense forests that are home to various species of animals and uncommon.

The Little Venice of the South: Scilla and its rare beauty

Imagine a diamond of rare beauty shining from every angle: soì Scilla seems to dazzle with the beauty of its natural views. Attention-grabbing alleyways, a beautiful sea, balconies that open directly onto the bay and a cuisine made up of simple but intense flavours that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Taste the delicious swordfish sandwiches, the fresh fish of the day and enjoy the beauty of the Castle Ruffo that will give you; indescribable emotions.

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