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The 3 most impressive Italian icefalls to admire in winter

Monday 24 january 2022

Among the many treasures scattered throughout Italy, in winter, certainly the ice falls are among the most sought-after scenic wonders. Let's discover some of them

The 3 most impressive Italian icefalls to admire in winter

Our country is rich in beautiful landscapes and natural attractions that capture the soul of the visitor at any time of year. Among the many treasures scattered throughout Italy, in winter, certainly the ice falls are among the most coveted scenic wonders. Beautiful natural sculptures to admire and photograph, on which you can also practice climbing.
Of course, climbing icefalls is not for everyone, not only do you need the right equipment, you also need experience and a little bit of courage.
Admire their beauty is a must to be combined with the discovery of the beautiful villages of which they are part.

Candle of wonders - Livigno (Lombardy)

Near the fairy-tale views of the Valtellina village of Livigno, in the province of Sondrio, there is the splendid Candela delle Meraviglie, a paradise for waterfall lovers. This natural beauty is located on a basin crossed by the river Spöl, and has many routes on ice. The temperatures, thanks to the morphological situation, remain rigid and guarantee an icy and plastic surface to the complex at least until the end of the winter season.
This waterfall is not too challenging, but certainly not suitable for beginners, immersed in a breathtaking landscape. Even the conformation of the frozen waterfall is particular, since it is a kind of ice flow separated from the rock, making it look like an icy tongue or a column of ice. An incredible spectacle of nature and to see absolutely.

Cascata delle meraviglie, Livigno
© Mario Sertori -

Acheronte waterfall - Cogne (Aosta Valley)

A mythological name for a beautiful waterfall. The name comes from the famous underground river that flows in the underworld, through which Charon ferried the lost souls to Hades.
But there is not to worry, despite the name very dark, this waterfall reveals to the eyes of tourists an incredible beauty.
It is located in Valnontey, a secondary valley of the Val di Cogne, and is composed of a flow in a channel quite wedged in the rock. The difficulty is not high and the landscape, especially in winter, is breathtaking.
The Acheronte waterfall can also be tackled by inexperienced hikers, suitable for those who want to try this sport for the first time.

Cascata dell'Acheronte - Cogne
Ph Phil Renwick/flickr

Excalibur - Sottoguda (Veneto)

Veneto is one of the regions where ice climbing is very practiced and known. Excalibur is undoubtedly the most aesthetically beautiful waterfall in the valley and the village of Sottoguda is one of the main tourist centers in the winter season.
In addition to being one of the most beautiful and evocative, this waterfall is also one of the safest and most fun for those who practice climbing, because the ice of which it is composed is solid and compact, due to a very favorable exposure that keeps the frost well. Despite this, the route is not suitable for the inexperienced. In fact, the difficulty of climbing this beautiful waterfall is classified with a medium-high grade, due to the ice column quite narrow.
But it is worth even just admiring it to be enchanted by it, thanks to its location within an incredibly unique setting.
Today, the Sottoguda Serrai are temporarily closed following damage caused by storm Vaia in late October 2018

Cascata Excalibur, Veneto
Ph Lago_blu/flickr

Main image of Enrico Turnaturi /Montagna.Tv

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