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The village of Nettuno: a fascinating jewel in the province of Rome

Tuesday 25 july 2023

Located in the province of Rome, the enchanting village of Neptune offers an unforgettable journey between historical suggestions, splendid views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and unique cultural experiences.

The village of Nettuno: a fascinating jewel in the province of Rome

Ph. alexshot/flickr

Considered a direct legacy of the ancient city of Antium, the historic center of Neptune carries with it centuries of history. The city, which was once a famous spa and resort center for the Roman aristocracy, offers an opportunity to take a dip into history, with remnants of magnificent Roman villas and medieval evidence.
Neptune also offers beautiful beaches along the Tyrrhenian coast. Ideal for enjoying the sun and sea in the summertime, Neptune's beaches provide relaxation and fun for families, couples, and single travelers.

The Medieval Village and its Tower

One of the jewels of Neptune is undoubtedly the medieval village. This charming historic district, with its narrow, winding streets, old houses, historic palaces such as the Palazzo Baronale, also known as the Palazzo Orsini, and the Palazzo Doria-Pamphilj and the Collegiate Church of St. John the Baptist, turns out to be a concentration of evocative atmospheres.

Set overlooking the sea, Nettuno rises offers breathtaking views, and the nightlife in the village is quite lively, with numerous pubs and clubs that draw on its charismatic architecture to create unique atmospheres.

Symbol of the village Torre Astura is one of the must-see attractions, a fortified tower and a small island in Lazio. This fascinating place is set in a unique historical and natural context, since it has been the home of Roman nobles and served as a set for various films and television programs.

Torre Astura, Nettuno
Ph. vincenzo_photo_fonte/flickr

Events and festivals in the village of Neptune

The village of Neptune is a place full of life and fun, thanks to the events and festivals that take place at different times of the year. These occasions make it even more interesting to visit this charming location in Lazio.

One of the most anticipated festivals in the region is the Wine and Grape Festival. During this festival, the people of Neptune celebrate the grape harvest and celebrate the richness of the local vineyards. In addition to tasting excellent wines, visitors can participate in moments of music and entertainment, made even more special by the festive atmosphere of the event.

During the summer months, Neptune is filled with notes and melodies with a series of music concerts, and the village squares become stages for local and international artists.

Nettuno in festa
Ph. Marco Ciarla/flickr

Neptune offers a unique combination of history, natural beauty and culture. This charming village full of charm and atmosphere will leave you speechless. Whether you are a history buff, a food lover, or just looking for a relaxing break along the coast, Neptune in Lazio has something special for you.

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