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Forni di Sopra, a paradise in every season

Monday 10 january 2022

A splendid Friulian village offering enchanting landscapes in both summer and winter

Forni di Sopra, a paradise in every season

Forni di Sopra, a small village in the province of Udine, is one of the main tourist centres in the Dolomites and welcomes many tourists in all seasons of the year. It is located at a height of 967 metres above sea level and towers over the Tagliamento Valley.
This enchanting village offers enchanting landscapes in summer and ski facilities in winter, to satisfy every need all year round. The mountain environment in which this small village is set has been officially recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so visiting this place can be a truly unique experience.

The village in winter

Like any mountain village, the main attraction in the cold season is skiing. There are 13 ski slopes spread over a large area and divided according to level of difficulty. The total length is 16 km and the snow conditions will be excellent in all weather conditions, using a state-of-the-art system for automatic snowmaking.
There are also slopes suitable for those who are not familiar with skiing but who want to try an experience they have never had before. For the higher altitude slopes, there are state-of-the-art lifts, consisting of chairlifts and cable cars.

Piste da sci a Forni di Sopra
Photo by fornidisopraufficiale

For those who do not enjoy skiing, there is a wide range of sports and experiences to choose from. For the more adventurous, Forni di Sopra offers the possibility of adrenaline-filled climbing on ice walls or exciting hikes on snow-covered paths. For those who don't like extreme adventure, there are guided tours of the area, or an ice-skating rink, suitable for both young and old.
For younger visitors, the ideal place is the Fantasy Snow Park: this is a real winter playground, where children can have fun on toboggans and inflatables sliding on the snow, jump on trampolines and enjoy many other games and rides.

Arrampicata su ghiaccio Torrente Tolina
Ice climbing Torrente Tolina, photo by

In the warmer months

Unlike many mountain resorts that are very well equipped for winter tourism but little for summer tourism, Forni di Sopra offers a wide range of activities for the warmer season too. It is the ideal destination both for a relaxing and quiet stay and for excursions and walks in the uncontaminated nature of the Dolomites.
There are numerous paths in the valley, which lead into the woods and offer breathtaking views. The length of the paths to choose from is variable, there are paths suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers, who can cover even several hundred metres in height difference, reaching the top of some of the most imposing peaks of the Dolomites.

Escursione a Forni di Sopra
Photo by fornidisopraufficiale

Forni di Sopra offers various climbing areas, both outdoors on natural rock walls and indoors in gyms equipped with artificial walls. In Ropa, for example, there are large rock walls equipped with 12 routes for climbing, while in Clap Varmost there are as many as 20 different routes with varying degrees of difficulty. If you are not familiar with this sport but would like to try a new and adrenaline-filled experience, you can go to the multifunctional gym in the centre of Forni di Sopra, where there are two artificial walls for practice.

Arrampicata a Forni di Sopra
Photo by dolomitiadventurepark

Another exciting activity that can be practised in Forni di Sopra is canyoning, a water sport suitable for nature and adventure lovers. It can be practised on the mountain streams of the area, such as the Tolina and Rassie torrents. It is always advisable to be accompanied by experienced staff, especially if you are not familiar with the discipline.
Forni di Sopra offers a wide range of opportunities to try out new experiences. Such as free flight, by paraglider or hang-glider, among the Dolomite peaks, starting at an altitude of 1,780 metres at Varmost and then landing on the meadows of Davost at an altitude of 900 metres.

Torrente Tolina
Torrente Tolina, Photo by fornidisopraufficiale

For those who love skiing and do not want to give it up even in summer, Forni di Sopra offers the possibility of skiing on the famous grass slopes. Among the best known is undoubtedly the Cimacuta slope, which every year hosts the World Cup of grass skiing, a truly unique and characteristic event to watch.
Finally, for those who love adventure parks in the village there is the Dolomiti Adventure Park: like all adventure parks, it has breathtaking routes suspended in mid-air, consisting of ropes, suspended bridges and cableways, which will provide a unique experience for all lovers of sport and adventure.

Dolomiti Adventure Park Forni di Sopra
Photo by dolomitiadventurepark

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