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Rango is one of the oldest towns in the Outer Giudicarie Valleys, known above all for its colorful Christmas market. The structure of the village with its ancient houses leaning against each other and connected by arcades, entrance halls and internal courtyards, recalls that of the fortified villages.
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About the village

At the foot of Mount Sèra (1960 m.), the small and ancient village of Rango, in Trentino Alto Adige, is a jewel of mountain peasant architecture. From the highest point of Bleggio proudly dominates the basin of the External Judicial Valleys. Its name derives from the Celtic 'Randa', that is, a place to the limit. In fact, Rango, in addition to being the tallest of the bleggio and also the last hamlet before the Duron Pass. Rango is one of the oldest of these valleys, the old part of the village dates back to the year 1000. The passing of the centuries has not affected its precious historical and architectural heritage, with its old houses attached to each other, connected by porticoes, bridges and courtyards. A living testimony of a past populated by shepherds, flocks and travelers, who usually stayed here and rested.

The structure of the village with its old houses leaning one against the other and connected by porticoes, entrance halls and courtyard, recalls the one of fortified countries. Rango was anciently placed along the "Imperial Road" which from Lake Garda goes towards the Val di Sole. At the end of the XIX century we can find an interesting story linked to an alleged case of spiritualism of a girl from Rango which roused scandal "even outside the Giudicarie area in the nearby valleys". From this event derived the name of one of the porticoes of Rango at the entrance of the house where the girl lived with her family, called "portec del diavol" (the devil's portico). You must visit the parish church of the XV century and the small Museum of School where are preserved objects and didactic materials of the first half of the twentieth century. During the Christmas period in the houses and in the halls of the village a colorful Christmas Market takes place. A magical handful of houses wisely preserved, narrow alleys, wide hallways, old woodsheds, courtyards and arcades illuminate in the lights of Christmas and everything becomes crowded with stands filled with typical local products and with the wonders of the local handicraft. Flavors and fragrances can be enjoyed also in "osterie ai vòlt", with dishes of the Trentino cuisine: canederli and tripe soup, barley, polenta carbonera, cheese and local salami, strudel, apple fritters and walnut cake. An ancient white road (still used daily) which begins in the high part of the village allows to reach with a non-intensive walk the Passo del Durone (1,039 m a.s.l.).

The village of Rango
Municipality of Bleggio Superiore
Province of Trento
Region Trentino-Alto Adige

Inhabitants: 1.568
Altitude center: 628 m a.s.l.

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia
Paesi dipinti

Frazione Santa Croce 40 - phone +39 0465 779550


  • Take the A22 Autostrada del Brennero motorway to the Trento Sud exit. At the exit, follow the signs for Madonna di Campiglio to Comano Terme-Ponte Arche. Then follow direction Bleggio up to Rango.
  • From Brescia the SS del Caffaro is recommended up to Comano Terme-Ponte Arche


  • Trento railway station

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Santa Croce

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