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Fiumalbo, located in the high Modena Apennines, on the border with Tuscany, is a very ancient mountain village with almost 1000 years of written history, but its origins are much older and are lost back in the centuries.
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Fiumalbo  |
Fiumalbo  |
Church of San Bartolomeo  |
Church of San Bartolomeo
Historical center  |
Historical center
Fiumalbo  |
Fiumalbo  | Claudiovidri/shutterstock
Fiumalbo  | maudanros/shutterstock
Fiumalbo  | Marco Taliani de Marchio/shutterstock
Marco Taliani de Marchio/shutterstock
A look at Fiumalbo
A look at Fiumalbo

About the village

the name of the village is pronounced Fiumalbo in fiumalbino Fiumêlb and in dialect modenese, derives from Flumen album ("white river"). A peculiarity of Fiumalbo is indeed in its dialect, which differs significantly from the other dialects spoken in the area, both on the Emilia slope that on the Tuscan, constituting one of the most interesting points of transition between the language type gallo-Italico (emiliano), to which it belongs and the tuscan (having a strain, distinct from the dialects of the rest of central Italy, defined median), with a result similar to other northern dialects preservatives, as those veneti.

Fiumalbo is located in the High Appennino Modenese, at the border with Tuscany. It is a mountain village very ancient with almost 1000 years of written history, but its origins are much more ancient and you lose back several centuries. The country of the border, has lived the events that have changed the history with detachment and remoteness, whereas those events not linked to the history of the country. Fiumalbo is appointed in an act of 1038, which decreed the divestiture of the "fortress called Fiumalbo" by the Marquis Boniface of Canossa to the Bishop of Modena Viberto (Bonifacio was the father of Matilde di Canossa). In 1197 many fiumalbini swore fidelity to the Municipality of Modena, putting at your disposal for any need military the territory and men. The oath was reconfirmed by the representatives of the Community Fiumalbina in 1205 and in 1276. Very important for the development of the country was the noble family Bondi-Santi. Fiumalbo was at the beginning of the century a land of emigrants. In the mining accident of Dawson 1913 happened in New Mexico, between the 146 miners emigrated from Italy who perished well 17 came from Fiumalbo.

Vilage of Fiumalbo
Municipality of Fiumalbo
Province of Modena
Region Emilia Romagna

inhabitants: 1.280 fiumalbini
Altitude center: 953 m a.s.l.

The Municipality is part of:
I Borghi più belli d'Italia

Orange Flag - Touring Club Italy

Protected Natural Areas:
Parco regionale Alto Appennino Modenese

Via Capitano Alberto Coppi 2 - Tel. +39 0536 73922

= distances as the crow flies


  • From Verona: Take the A22 highway towards Modena, continue on the A1 highway and exit at Modena Nord. Take the SS 9 "Via Emilia" towards Modena Sud, continue on the Provincial Road Modena - Sassuolo in the direction of Fiorano, Maranello, then take the SS 12 and follow signs for Fiumalbo.
  • From Florence: Take the A1 motorway towards Bologna, near Prato continue on the A11 motorway, exit at Pistoia, continue on the Pisa ring road towards Modena - Abetone, reach the SS 12 state road and follow the indications for Fiumalbo.
  • From Ancona: Take the A14 motorway in the direction of Bologna and exit at Bologna - Casalecchio, continue along the SP 569 "Bazzanese", follow for Casalecchio di Reno and continue on the SS 64 "Porrettana" to the Ponte della Venturina hamlet, continue on the SP 632, after passing the hamlet of Campo Tizzoro continue on the SS 66, then reach the SS 12 and follow the indications for Fiumalbo.
  • From Bologna: From Casalecchio di Reno take the SS 64 "Porrettana" to the hamlet of Ponte della Venturina, continue on the SP 632, past the hamlet of Campo Tizzoro continue on the SS 66, then reach the SS 12 and follow signs for Fiumalbo.
  • From Modena: Take the SS 12 towards Abetone - Vignola, follow signs for Fiumalbo.


  • Modena station


  • Florence airport
  • Bologna airport

Sleep, eat, buy...

Acetaia Manicardi
Via Massaroni, 1/B - 41014, Castelvetro di Modena (Modena)
43.12 Kilometers from Fiumalbo
= distances as the crow flies

Travel proposals in Fiumalbo and in its territory


february, 2023

Carnival Torch

From the blog

Today we discover the origin of the name of Fiumalbo, one of the most beautiful villages of the Modena Apennines, in which you can find a wonderful mountain architecture, set in an equally enchanting landscape, where it is possible to find a mix of nature and traditions. You will also experience magnificent places for skiing and hiking, and the other well-rooted traditions such as the Patron Saint Bartolomeo celebrations, the torch of the eve and then the living crib.
Autumn: a season that certainly does justice to the villages and makes them even more fascinating, tinging them with the bright colors of yellow and red, filling them with colored leaves, and giving that touch of melancholy that never hurts. Many, many photos have flooded our Instagram and Facebook feeds in autumn: almost 7,000 photos posted, images of villages from all regions, places to discover and visit. Have a look at the gallery on the official hashtag of the contest

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