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The medieval historic center of Tricarico is among the most important and best preserved of Basilicata, composed of the Arab quarters of the "Ràbata" and "Saracena", the Norman ones of the "Monte" and "Piano", and the "Civita", where streets and alleys take on different aspects depending on the domination from which they were set up.
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Tricarico  |
Tricarico  | Apt Basilicata
Apt Basilicata
Tricarico  | Apt Basilicata
Apt Basilicata
Tricarico  | Apt Basilicata
Apt Basilicata
Tricarico  | Apt Basilicata
Apt Basilicata
Tricarico  | illpaxphotomatic/shutterstock
A look at Tricarico
A look at Tricarico
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About the village

Tricarico is an arab-norman village and possesses one of the historical centers most important medieval and best preserved of Basilicata.

Within the current perimeter of the village there are archaeological remains dating back to the V century B.C. the first documents that attest the existence dates back to the time of the Lombards in 849.
It was later, between the IX and X Centuries, Arab stronghold and subsequently fortified city (kastron byzantine). In the fifteenth century saw the presence of a substantial jewish community and in the sixteenth century a Albanian community, concomitantly with the presence, to the guide of the feud, Erina (or Irina) Castriota Scanderbeg, wife of Prince Pietro Antonio Sanseverino and grandson of the albanian hero Giorgio Castriota Scanderbeg.

Certainly deserve a visit the Norman Tower, the symbol of the village, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the convent of Sant'Antonio da Padova.

The Màshk-r (Masks) of Tricarico is one of the carnivals of tradition lucana characterized by the masks of the cow, which envisages a headgear from which a membrane composed of many tapes of different color that arrive in my ankles and del Toro, very similar but with the predominance of the color black with red definitions. They represent and simulate a herd engaged in transhumance. It is a tradition accompanied by serenades, songs and dances in the midst of improvised banquet at the basis of salami and other small specialties.

Municipality of Tricarico
Province of Matera
Basilicata Region

Population: 5.292
Altitude centre: 698 m s.l.m.

Municipality of Tricarico
Via Don Pancrazio Toscano - Tricarico (MT)
Tel. +39 0835 526111

Sleep, eat, buy...

Lido Sporting Beach
Largo Enotria Lungomare di - 75025, Policoro (Matera)
63.95 Kilometers from Tricarico


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