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Ancient Heraclea is located in the center of the Gulf of Taranto, near the Agri river, on the fertile plain of Metaponto and in the deep soul of the Ionian coast. In addition to the sea and archeology, Policoro boasts a particularly interesting village that deserves to be visited without disappointing.
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Mother Church
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Marina di Policoro boat village

About the village

Nestled in the heart of the Gulf of Taranto, Policoro-the ancient Heraclea-offers a unique multidimensional experience, oscillating between unspoiled vistas, history and culture, with roots going back to Magna Graecia. Located near the Agri River, on the fertile Metaponto plain and just a few kilometers from the sparkling Ionian coast, Policoro is a slice of paradise just waiting to be discovered.

A Dive into the Past
In the heart of Policoro resides an ancient spirit, evident in the many archaeological treasures housed here. The National Archaeological Museum of Siritide reveals itself as a journey through time, with its artifacts dating back to the 7th century B.C. Near the museum, the Sanctuary of Demeter and the Temple of Dionysus testify to the city's ancient splendor.

The Charm of Policoro: Sea and Nature
Policoro stands as a true pearl of the Ionian coast, thanks to its importance as a seaside resort and the significant number of quality accommodations. The crystal-clear sea and golden beaches promise a relaxing and unforgettable vacation, while the Bosco Pantano offers an immersion in the wildest and most unspoiled nature.

Events and Culture: The Soul of Policoro
Numerous events, such as the "Blues in Town Festival" and "Wonders of Sand," fuel Policoro's cultural ferment. The town also comes alive thanks to the abundance of unmistakable local products such as the renowned strawberries, igniting the senses and making a visit an unforgettable experience.

The Village of Policoro: a Mosaic of Life
In addition to the sea and archaeology, Policoro is home to a charming village dominated by the Baronial Castle, or Belingieri Palace, dating back to the year 1000. The Eraclea and Segni squares, along with the quaint Borgo Casilini and pretty Walled Gardens, reveal the everyday life of a town that reflects fascinating contrasts between past and present. Enjoying local food and wine at wine bars or buying souvenirs from local artisans are just some of the activities that make a visit to Policoro a unique and engaging experience.

Numerous events, such as the "Blues in Town Festival" and "Wonders of Sand," fuel Policoro's cultural ferment. The town also comes alive thanks to the abundance of unmistakable local products such as the renowned strawberries, igniting the senses and making the visit an unforgettable experience.

Village of Policoro
Municipality of Policoro
province of Matera
Region Basilicata

Inhabitants: 17.313 policoresi
Altitude center: 25 m a.s.l.

The Municipality is part of:
City of flavors

Bandiera Blu

Protected Natural Areas:
Riserva Naturale Orientata Bosco Pantano Policoro

Piazza Aldo Moro - Tel. 0835-980518

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  • Taranto station
  • Sibari Cassano station

  • Blues in town. organised annually by the cultural association La Mela Odessa, this summer festival, born in 2004, has seen perform on stage established artists as Neffa, Giuliano Palma, Rocco Papaleo, James Senese and Paolo Belli.
  • Policoro in Swing. organised annually by the Cultural Association Vintage Routes, from 2013 is held every year at the end of August. Is an original Swing Dance Camp where music, dance, and sailing holiday combine in a tasty cocktail.
  • Balloon - Festival of comics and literature for children. It is a cultural event in the summer was born in 2012 and that in the first edition has hosted famous names of the Italian comic as Silver (Lupo Alberto), Corrado Mastantuono (Dylan Dog, Tex and various Disney characters), Giuseppe Palumbo and clod.
  • Festival of Creativity Youth. organised annually by the young democrats of Policoro, is a summer festival born in 2009 to give a showcase to young artists.

Sleep, eat, buy...

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may, 2025

Madonna del Ponte

Our news about Policoro

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The surprise and wonder start with the environmental context: the location, in fact, is within the biogenetic reserve of Stornara in which a lush pine forest of Aleppo becomes the trait d'union with a pristine beach, five kilometers long. We are at the Ethra Reserve complex - already known as Nova Yardinia -, profoundly redesigned and renovated, with expanded facilities and redeveloped greenery: everything has been designed to offer guests an exclusive holiday in the heart of the Apulian nature, less than a hour from Matera...
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