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The beating heart of the village is the homonymous Castle, at the foot of which stands the small village, which presents itself with houses consisting of one or two floors, partly ruined by neglect until it becomes a ruin and partly restored to be inhabited.
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Roccascalegna  |
Roccascalegna  |
Roccascalegna  |
The spectacular view of the Church among mountain in Roccascalegna  |
The spectacular view of the Church among mountain in Roccascalegna
Roccascalegna  | Cenz07/shutterstock
A look at Roccascalegna
A look at Roccascalegna

About the village

The Catalogus Baronum 1379 indicated the village as a fortress-scarengia, and studies of the french language ancient argued that "scalegna" derives from scarengia or scarenna i.e. cliff escarpment or ravine, indicating the side of the spur on which is placed the Rocca.

The origin of the country is of the XII century, more precisely in 1160, perhaps on a pre-existing settlement. Certain however and that in the locality Collelongo were found the remains of the Eneolithic Period and in Capriglia and Colle Cicero of the ruins of the Roman era.

However of the monks, probably already existed in the area as for the Church of San Pancrazio already existing in the 829. The current church dates back to 1205 as reconstruction of the pre-existing church. Originally the village has emerged as the Longobard outpost for the control of the valley of the Rio Secco to defend the area against the Byzantines. The Longobards erected, where now is the Castle of Roccascalegna, a tower of sighting. Then came first the Franks, then the Normans. The true and own castle, however, is probably, of the norman period. In 1320 Roccascalegna is appointed during the Angevin period "cum castellione", at the time, then the castle already existed.

The Castle of Roccascalegna dominates, on a spur with sides a ravine, valley of the del Rio Secco, tributary to the left of the Sangro. Then, excluding a bubble accounts of 1320, the castle of Roccascalegna falls into oblivion until 1525, an era in which there occurs a restoration because the introductions of new, to the epoch, firearms. Instead, in 1705, is a second restoration, but this time it is the monumental entry ramp. A new period of oblivion strikes the castle until 1985, when the last feudal family (the cross Nanni) gives to the common castle, which immediately begins a work of restoration completed only in 1996, restoration that will lead to its ancient splendour the castle.

The village is located at the foot of the fortress and is composed of houses in turn composed of one or two floors, partly ruined by the carelessness up to become a ruin and partly restored to be inhabited site in the track that leads that follows the feet of Monticello where is the site of the castle. Track ending at the access of the castle itself at the Church of San Pietro.

Village of Roccascalegna
Municipality of Roccascalegna
Province of Chieti
Abruzzo Region

Inhabitants: 1.219 roccolani
Altitude center: 455 m a.s.l.

The Municipality is part of:
Città del miele
Paesi bandiera arancione

Orange Flag - Italian Touring Club

Via Roma 16 - Tel. +39 0872 987111

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  • From North and South: from the A14 Adriatica motorway (from the north: towards Ancona and from the south towards Pescara), exit at Val di Sangro and follow the road towards Villa S. Maria. Take the SS 652 Fondovalle Sangro, continue towards Roccascalegna.
  • From Chieti: take the SS 81 and take the A14 motorway towards Bari. Exit at Val di Sangro, follow the direction of Villa S. Maria, take the SS 652 Fondovalle Sangro and continue towards Roccascalegna.
  • From Pescara
  • Take the SS 16 towards Chieti, continue on the A 14 towards Bari, exit at Val di Sangro, follow the direction of Villa S. Maria, take the SS 652 Fondovalle Sangro, continue following signs for Roccascalegna.


  • Pescara airport
  • Naples airport


  • Port of Vasto
  • Tourist port of Ortona
  • Tourist port of Pescara
  • Port of Naples

Travel proposals in Roccascalegna and in its territory

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3 hours | Valid all year round | Max: 15 people
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september, 2022

SS. Cosma and Damiano

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