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Aci Trezza

So characteristic to inspire Homer's hatreds for his Odyssey, Acitrezza is a hamlet of Acicastello and a very charming small fishing village. The panorama is dominated by the 8 stacks, the lava ridges formed before Etna.
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Aci Trezza  | Roberto Lo Savio
Aci Trezza
Roberto Lo Savio
Aci Trezza  | Gnuckx
Aci Trezza
Aci Trezza  | Inna Luzan
Aci Trezza
Inna Luzan
Aci Trezza  |
Aci Trezza
Aci Trezza  |
Aci Trezza
Aci Trezza  |
Aci Trezza
Aci Trezza  | Inna Luzan
Aci Trezza
Inna Luzan
Aci Trezza  | Inna Luzan
Aci Trezza
Inna Luzan
Marina dei Ciclopi  | Landscape Nature Photo/
Marina dei Ciclopi
Landscape Nature Photo/
Aci Trezza  | Nicola Pulham
Aci Trezza
Nicola Pulham
A look at Aci Trezza
A look at Aci Trezza

About the village

Aci Trezza ('A Trizza in Sicilian) is a fishing village of ancient and remarkable tradition, famous for its landscape. The village was officially founded at the end of the seventeenth century by Stefano Riggio that made it an important maritime port and the center of the local business life with numerous stores adapted to contain oil, iron, meats and cheeses.

Aci Trezza was managed by Stefano Riggio until 1678, and then by his son Luigi Riggio Giuffrè until 1680, by Stefano Riggio Saladin until 1704, then by Luigi Riggio Branciforte until 1757. Finally the feud passed to Stefano Reggio Gravina until 1790 and Giuseppe Riggio Grugno until 1792, when it became a free village. Giuseppe Riggio Snout died then to Palermo beheaded by the crowd in revolt in 1820, settling the family of the princes of Aci. At the beginning of XVIII century had about 150 inhabitants.

The panorama of Aci Trezza is dominated by the Faraglioni of the Cyclops: eight picturesque basaltic rocks that, according to the legend, were launched by Polifemo to Ulysses during his escape. Not far from the coast (400 m away), is present the Lachea Island, identified with the Homeric Goats’ Island.

Aci Trezza is the village in which Giovanni Verga set his famous novel "I Malavoglia" (1881) and in which, in 1948, was shot the movie inspired to it "La terra trema" by Luchino Visconti and Antonio Pietrangeli, masterpiece of Neorealism made with the inhabitants of the village themselves.

Not far from the Church of the Patron Saint, on the basis of some descriptive elements provided by Verga in the Malavoglia’s novel, was identified the Nespolo House (Padron ’Ntoni dwelling), in which it has been set up a small museum containing objects of the seafaring tradition and a photographic section dedicated to the film by Luchino Visconti.

Always in Aci Trezza was made part of the "Red" Film by the Finn director Mika Kaurismäki.

Village of Aci Trezza
Municipality of Aci Castello
Metropolitan City of Catania
Sicily Region

Population: 18.674 (5.000 in the village)
Altitude centre: 15 m s.l.m.

Natural Protected Areas:
Immacolatella and Micio Mont Complex Natural Reserve
Lachea Island and Cuclopes Faraglioni Natural Reserve
Cyclopes Islands Natural Marine Reserve

Via Re Martino 214 - Tel. +39 095 7371111

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  • From the Messina-Catania highway: exit at the Acireale junction and continue on the SS114 towards Catania until reaching Acicastello


  • Catania Central Station


  • Catania airport

Sleep, eat, buy...

Hotel Federico II
Hotel Federico II is located in a 14th century building.
Via Maggiore Baracca 2, Castiglione di Sicilia (Catania)
35.68 Kilometers from Aci Trezza
= distances as the crow flies


june, 2024
to tuesday 25 june 2024

Feast of Saint John the Baptist in Aci Trezza

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