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The Relais La Loggia of Gradara and its innovative Emporio: love at 360°

Monday 29 may 2023

The Loggia Emporio and Relais is located in the heart of the village of Gradara, in the Marche Region.

The Relais La Loggia of Gradara and its innovative Emporio: love at 360°

At the Relais La Loggia of Gradara and its brand new Emporio, you will live unique experiences. Fabrizio has explained us what makes it unique La Loggia and his idea of hospitality.

In 2009 detects part of the activity of his grandfather, the restaurant La Loggia, in the heart of the medieval village of Gradara, active since the 1960s. In addition to the (good) restaurant some rooms were available upstairs for tourists. Fabrizio and his family decide to retrieve the name and the spaces of the activity of the grandfather giving however a new and different pulse to their proposal.

Fabrizio Baldassarri, owner of La loggia Relais.

Thus Relais La Loggia was born, wellness and charme hotel that offers high quality in every detail, from the exclusive services to the finishing of the Well Rooms: places where hi-tech meets an intimate atmosphere. Elegant and refined, all the rooms are equipped with chromotherapy shower, large and comfortable beds and breathtaking views.

The landscape you can admire from the windows it's unforgettable: the clock tower of the square, the facade of the church of San Giovanni Battista, the towers of the castle, where Paolo and Francesca loved each other. Available during the summer season, and only for those who book the wellness holiday, a jacuzzi on the terrace with views of the Castle, which will make it even more beautiful your aperitifs and moments of relaxation.

Point of strength of the Relais is the intimate wellness center with sauna and the possibility to enjoy beauty treatments truly unique. In fact they are two areas dedicated to the treatments (one for the aesthetic ones, as scrub and depilation, and a massage ones). Relais La Loggia proposes various treatments with products from Salt Pans of Cervia, as for example the Bed of Salt.

Sauna of La Loggia Relais

Inside the SPA guests will always be guided by a qualified operator, who will accompany them in this wellness experience, surrounded by the timeless beauty of the village of Gradara, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy.

But challenges for Fabrizio hasn't stopped there. In order to offer to its customers a full package of services, in 2015 decided to expand its activities, providing it with a new and interesting structure, redefining and thus expanding the prospect of its work and its philosophy of hospitality.

The second structure that composes and completes the Relais, called the Emporio, is designed to give its guests not only an inimitable stay but a real 360° experience, immersive or, to use the words of Fabrizio, horizontal. Today the Loggia is in fact a real Albergo diffuso which allows not only to dive deep in the relaxation that the structure internally offers but allows literally 'experience' of everything that surrounds it: appropriating so 'horizontal' of the medieval village of Gradara, its streets of stone, of the fascinating atmosphere that adorns and of the Dantesque suggestions within its walls.

The Emporio for first thing we find the reception and the breakfast room of the whole complex of the Loggia. The Relais is obviously intended to that customers that are looking for well-being, exclusivity and quality. The Emporio, instead, is the real turning point, an updating this of the canons of hospitality, which points to the sensorial involvement of customers. The environments of the new structure recall those of the old cellars, views from within: colors, finishes, the atmosphere. Spacious and welcoming, the rooms Wine are particularly suitable for those who want to live a different experience. Brushstrokes of color tinged walls, comfortable beds lying in semi-oak barrels will be a real panacea for the rest. Bathrooms with chrome-therapy complete the perfection of rooms designed for total relaxation with a bit of creativity.

Guests will have the possibility to choose between some packages stay, called not to case the Gradara Experience, where for each choice are combined with additional services (such as Dante Medieval Experience, that associates to stay the entrance to the Museum and the Fortress and also provides a guide telematics for the visit) and different types of room.

The village of medieval Gradara and its lovely castle have done from frame to one of the stories of love the most famous of all Italian literature, that of Paolo and Francesca. And so, approaching San Valentino, the Relais La Loggia offers its guests a unique experience with the Romantic Experience, a package dedicated to all lovers. Exclusive moments where long walks can alternate sessions of wellbeing and, why not, to finish with a candlelight dinner. Romantic breathe the places that have breathed Paolo and Francesca, magical walk where they walked. The mystery of the legend dantesca will make it even more special.

Only the mystery though. Because let's face it, to all of those in love and romantic ones, you will stay much better than Paolo and Francesca. Because at Relais La Loggia you'll feel like being in paradise more than in hell.

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