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A puppy has arrived! Are you ready to welcome a new friend into your family?

Friday 04 november 2022

A full-fledged family member, here are some useful tips for getting your puppy to settle into his new home and what diet he should follow

A puppy has arrived! Are you ready to welcome a new friend into your family?

The arrival of a puppy is always a moment of celebration, it will be your inseparable companion for life and travel. As he will become a full-fledged member of the family, here are some helpful tips to help him settle into his new home.

If you have already chosen a name for the puppy, use it right away so that it gets used to it in no time.
In the first months, sleep is essential, prepare a comfortable kennel where he can remain calm and crush his long naps.

No puppy, or even an adult dog, should be left alone for too long. Being left alone for too long can cause anxiety, so teach them to tolerate short absences.

Once home, the little one will find himself in a new place and with totally unknown people, so it is normal for him to be a little disoriented; give him a little game, it will surely make him feel welcomed.

Play is natural to dogs and helps them in their psychological development. Playing with your dog is good from several points of view: it is a way to spend time with him, to strengthen your bond, to control weight by making him exercise, to maintain his vitality and to strengthen his immune system. .

It is important to let him out often and to reward him with caresses and compliments when he dirties outside. If the puppy goes to the house, you can scold him with a sharp "NO" every time you catch him in the act.

A dog needs to explore the external environment. Having as many interactions as possible with the environment and external stimuli is essential for learning and exercising. Make the leash become a symbol of joy, because it is associated with the moment of the walk.

a spasso con il cucciolo

A few days after the puppy's arrival, it is advisable to take him to the vet, who will visit him and give you the first personalized advice on how to manage him. He will explain what vaccinations are necessary, how to take care of the coat and will also provide you with advice on the right diet for him.

Speaking of nutrition, Monge cares about the well-being of dogs from their earliest stages of life. This is why she has developed four new recipes that go alongside the already rich range of products for puppies up to 12 months:

  • All Breeds Puppy & Junior Maiale con Riso e Patate 2,5/12 Kg
  • All Breeds Puppy & Junior Trota con Riso e Patate 2,5/12Kg
  • All Breeds Puppy & Junior Anatra con Riso e Patate2,5/12 Kg
  • Mini Puppy & Junior Salmone con Riso 2,5/7,5Kg

The new Monge Natural Superpremium Monoprotein croquettes are formulated with a single animal protein source as the first ingredient, associated with carbohydrate sources made highly digestible through the extrusion process. They are characterized by a high palatability thanks to the inclusion of fresh meat or fresh fish. The recipes are enriched with the latest generation prebiotics xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS) and brown rice to support intestinal well-being and with superfood ingredients such as sunflower seeds, naturally rich in omega-6 and vitamin E. The formulations also contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate to support joint development and a balanced calcium / phosphorus ratio for regular growth of the puppy's bones and joints.

All Monge Natural Superpremium recipes are formulated without added artificial colors and preservatives, Made in Italy and No Cruelty Test.

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