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Cinque Sensi Park

What to see in Vitorchiano, Viterbo, Lazio

The main feature of the park is the barefoot walk, inspired to the northern European Barfußpark.
The "Artisans of the Senses" will guide you through a sensory walk  in the woods full of surprises all to sniff, touch and trample with its dry and wet ground tanks. At the end of the walk, guests are involved in the fun preparation of the bread stick, to cook on the brazier on the ground. Every single area of activity is an intense call to the earth, to raise awareness of a forgotten lifestyle.
The Cinque Sensi Park also offers the possibility to stay overnight in suggestive hanging tents, enjoy tasty barbecues, participate in hiking activities, yoga or Harry Potter themed days.

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from 29.00 €
Discover the Five Senses Barefoot Park in the heart of Lazio! A natural, interactive and sensory experience suitable for all ages.
Interested villages: Vitorchiano

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= distances as the crow flies
= distances as the crow flies


may, 2025

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