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House of Santa Rosa

What to see in Vitorchiano, Viterbo, Lazio

In 1250 S.Rosa was exiled from Viterbo because she was in contrast with the city’s regents because of their moral and political malpractice. She was obliged to settle in Vitorchiano in a very modest house in the hamlet. While living in Vitorchiano, S.Rosa would have performed some miracles: she healed a blind girl touching her head and praying; she converted a heretic, "the sorceress", proving her holiness: S. Rosa made the bells ring, summoned the population, jumped into the fire (previously lighted up) and came out completely unharmed.

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Discover the Five Senses Barefoot Park in the heart of Lazio! A natural, interactive and sensory experience suitable for all ages.
Interested villages: Vitorchiano
  • Via Casa di Santa Rosa - 01100, Vitorchiano (Viterbo)
  • Religious location
  • Suitable for disabled people



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= distances as the crow flies


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