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Canal Novo Valley Natural Reserve

What to see in Marano Lagunare, Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

it is a natural ecosystem complex, including humid environments and waters with various levels of salinity. Inside the reserve, not far from the town of Marano, was realized the Visitor Center of the lagoon, conceived on the model of the Wetlands Centers Anglo-Saxon. Equipped with some buildings made keeping the traditional typology of local casoni, is equipped with modern facilities and educational instruments, in order to deliver advanced methodologies and new opportunities to know more closely the enchanting lagoon environment. In addition to the huts and artifacts for the observation of the birds and animals and the study of the lagoon environment in the area was recently made the aquarium, a simple proposal for "dive" in the lagoon and discover the various bodies that populate this extraordinary environment.

The residential stay, more days for individual classes or groups of students, is a unique opportunity to deepen in an exclusive manner and engaging the knowledge of a unique territory between history, nature and culture.
Of the various species of guests that populate the Valle Canal Novo the more numerous and admire are undoubtedly those belonging to the class of birds. Between these dominate those who belong to the species aquatic electively or however to some extent linked to the liquid element. The most represented family, abundant and striking is that of Anatidae, whose observable species are more easily: Royal swan, Wild swan, Gray goose (or wild), Sheldrake, Teal, Mallard, Pintail, Garganey, Shoveler, Moriglione, Moretta. Not lacking however, if they are lucky, the opportunity to observe the quite rare Pesciaiole or Girls tabaccate.

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Marano Lagunare

Marano Lagunare

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Trattoria Alla Laguna Vedova Raddi
At the Trattoria Alla Laguna Vedova Raddi in Marano Lagunare, traditional dishes are cooked, ofte...
Piazza Garibaldi, 1 - 33050, Marano Lagunare
= distances as the crow flies
= distances as the crow flies


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