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Vintage Radio Museum

What to see in Cison di Valmarino, Treviso, Veneto

the Vintage Radio Museum of Cison di Valmarino exposes 72 specimens. The exhibition covers an arc of time that goes from 1920 until the seventies and aims to highlight not only the evolution of technology and aesthetics of the radio, but also of the different social and cultural function coated in time from this object.

The alternation of relics and images creates an immediate reference to the historical moment invoked and the social role played by the radio. Among the pieces exhibited there are some particularly valuable as the Sluchawscki Detefon Mod DT2, a very small but very efficient radio at galena polish 1920, the American RCA Mod. Radiola 18 of 1928 - '29 with its beautiful furniture in walnut and the speaker said "cap of Napoleon", the Safar radiofonografo Mod 2940 designed in 1938 by an illustrious cisonese, ing. Virgilio Floriani. The path of the exhibition is also equipped with an audiovisual system that allows an interaction with the visitor.

Opening times: Saturday 15-19 and Sunday 10-12 and 15-19.

The museum is temporarily closed. Call for information

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Cison di Valmarino

Cison di Valmarino

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