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Coulege of Barba

What to see in Angrogna, Torino, Piedmont

The tradition wants that in these houses lived and prepare young people the Waldensians intend to become preachers in Europe. Located in Pradeltorno, at the bottom of the Angrogna valley, is the most isolated parts of villages of the territory. Precisely because of this isolation was the place of last resistance and refuge of the Valdese population during the war carried out by the Savoy governments.

Probably also for this was a place of retreat and formation of preachers Waldensians, called Barba (the term means uncle in Romance languages, to distinguish it from the Fathers of the Catholic Church and because only God is Father). Visited the families of believers in pairs and in the form of illegal, under the guise of merchants or pilgrims.

In this place the beard studied memory a good part of the Bible and learned to read and write. Then accompanying an elderly Barba departed for their mission. Their life was in constant danger: found in possession of Bibles or denounced ended up in the clutches of inquisitors who not infrequently they condemned to the stake.

  • Località Prà del Torno, 61, Angrogna (Torino)
  • Monument /attraction

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5101.35 Kilometers from Angrogna
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= distances as the crow flies


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