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Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mutated

What to see in Grottaglie, Taranto, Apulia

already from the X century on the place where now stands the Sanctuary, there was a church, contention among the inhabitants of Grottaglie and those of Martina Franca, where it was kept an image to fresco of the Madonna on the south wall facing in the direction of Martina Franca and then appartenutagli according to his fellow citizens. The Monday of Pentecost of 1359 was Our Lady Herself to resolve the issue, the painted image was found on the northern wall facing Grottaglie; since then became the patron saint of the town. For the miraculous "Change" was called S. Mary changed. But even more truthful is the hypothesis according to which the name of "Changed" from "mutation" indicated a stopping place of the mounts and rest, this perhaps is confirmed by the adjacent masseria on the side of the sanctuary.

The facade is divided into three longitudinal zones, the central one, greater both in height and in width, has five pilasters on which rests the triangular pediment that closes with a Greek cross. Above the entrance door a niche houses the statue of the Virgin changed.

The lateral zones are smooth and have two windows. On the left rises the bell gable, which sustains the bells. The interior is composed of three naves, the central one has three bays with cross vaults and closes with the chapel with high altar in ordinary stone, enlightened by a beautiful stained glass intercalated by two plies (mid seventeenth century) depicting: Jesus bound to the column and Jesus with the barrel between the arms. Always in the same chapel is situated an interesting carved cabinet that preserves a "miraculous" crucified (mid seventeenth century). The left aisle comprises: the first altar with ancient painting representing the Virgin del Canneto among the Saints, in the second bay is welcomed the component on the scaffold of wood; the last altar is surmounted by a beautiful canvas of Cyrus Fanigliulo.

In the right aisle, the first Bay welcomes the altar with the statue of the calcareous stone of S. Joseph (1679); a niche houses a romanesque statue of the Virgin; follows the altar dedicated to the changed with the ancient fresco of the Madonna. From this Bay elevates the dome with scallops and paintings; the third bay is consecrated to S. Cataldo. The times that close the accoglienta church are completely frescoed.

The Church is embellished by a beautiful pavement grottagliese majolica of the Seventeenth Century, with decorative elements geometrical or leaves and flowers, on white background predominate the yellow, blue and pink. Works and finds content: maiolicato floor of the XVII Century and stone statue portraying the Madonna with Child in the XVIII century.

  • SP71, Grottaglie (Taranto)
  • 099 5623866
  • Religious location



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