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Parish Church of San Michele

What to see in Celle Ligure, Savona, Liguria

The church of S. Michael is one of the first appearances built on place: The distance from the sea would be witness of its antiquity. The parish, as attested by several documents of the period, already existed in the XII century; it was smaller in size and placed perpendicularly to the current. They remain as unique testimonies campanile late thirteenth-century and some other works, the deepest, preserved inside. The Church we see today is the result of a series of subsequent interventions: the construction was undertaken in 1630 and lasted more than fifteen years; the prospectus was then in good part refurbished in 1828, and with the subsequent interventions, since 1893 (fresco of facade coating of pilasters) came to assume its current appearance. The plant has three naves: the panel is in double width of side; these, less high of the main, are widened by a whole series of chapels. The interior is spacious and majestic, typical example of the teachings of the Catholic reform as of that eclecticism characterizing a good part of the Ligurian churches, has rightly been defined: "contained baroque, simple and unitary discreetly if one thinks of the various eras and hands which you must". There are many works of art that decorate it between frescoes, icons, sculptures, bas-reliefs, canvases, vestments and silverware. Between all it detaches the most famous polyptych of Perin Bonaccorsi said of "Vague", painted in 1535, three years before his departure for Rome, after seven years of stay in Genoa. Are documented two restorations: the first in 1799, the year in which he was deprived of the original frame, and a second, radical in 1950/53, who donated a new splendour to the opera. It deserves, as observed G.L. Bruzzone, author of the monograph on the church from which we have drawn the news reported here, a location that puts adequately. Other works can be found in the adjacent sacristy: among these a bas-relief of slate belonging to the previous church, a marble tabernacle of the XV century and a small statue in polychrome wood (dated 1481) depicting San Michele while strikes Satan.

  • Piazza S. Michele, 2, Celle Ligure (Savona)
  • Religious location

Celle Ligure

Celle Ligure

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Feast of Saint Michael Archangel

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