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Church of Saints Peter and Paul

What to see in Pisciotta, Salerno, Campania

The Mother Church of Saints Peter and Paul is one of the architectural jewels of Pisciotta, a town in the province of Salerno. Also known as the Mother Church, it stands on top of two other churches from previous eras.

The Mother Church was built with funds from the Crown at the time, presumably around the 16th century, thus representing a demonstration of power and religiosity.

The Mother Church is distinguished by its imposing structure and artistic details. In addition to urging the creation of an architecturally prominent church, it was planned to enrich it with statues from the royal chapels such as that of Our Lady of Grace and Saints Peter and Paul.

Today, the Mother Church continues to fascinate visitors with its works of art and history. Inside are many works of art from the Neapolitan 1700s, making it a small treasure chest of artistic treasures.

The Mother Church has undergone numerous restorations over the years, preserving its original splendor. Today, the church is open to the public and can be visited to admire its artistic and architectural wonders.

All in all, the Mother Church of Saints Peter and Paul is a must-see for those who visit Pisciotta and want to learn about its history and culture. With its imposing structure and valuable works of art, it represents an example of how art and religiosity can merge into a single creation of great beauty.

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Via Raimondo Orsini, 4 - 84010, Tramonti (Salerno)
4760.28 Kilometers from Pisciotta
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