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Ducal Palace

What to see in Laurino, Salerno, Campania

The Ducal Palace of Laurino is a magnificent Renaissance-looking building that towers over the entire town of Laurino, in the province of Salerno. The facade of the palace stands out because of the marble coat of arms of the Spinelli dukes, the last feudal lords of Laurino, decorating it.

The palace was built from the foundations on the walls of the old manor house in the second half of the 16th century by the Carafa nobles of Naples. After the Carafas, the palace was, from 1686, the residence of the Spinelli dukes, who closed the series of lords of Laurino following the law of subversion of feudality of August 2, 1806, issued by Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother and king of Naples.

Today, the Ducal Palace is divided into two parts: the eastern part was purchased in 2001 by the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, while the other half is divided among various private individuals and cannot be visited.

Entering the palace one is welcomed into a large atrium with vaulted ceiling to the right of which is a bench near the wall, probably for the guardhouse. In addition, two low galleries can be seen leading to the inner courtyard from which the remains of the castle are visible.

The Ducal Palace of Laurino is an obligatory stop for those visiting the Cilento and Vallo di Diano area. Thanks to its dominant position over the town and its thousand-year history, it represents one of the most important monuments in the area.

  • Via Pedale, 14, Laurino (Salerno)
  • Mueum
  • Palace

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