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Ippolito Nievo Literary Park

What to see in Cordovado, Pordenone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia


Ippolito Nievo was born in Padova on 30 November 1831, the first of four brothers. The Mother Adele Marin, is the daughter of Ippolita Colloredo; from here the name Hippolytus and castle where will be written, in 1857-1858, "Confessions of an Italian". The first edition will be published six years after his death at sea in 1861.

The writer and patriot, lived intense intellectual experiences and military with a strong desire to presence in public life. His many writings show the search for a positive model of moral behavior and political, and set a clear rejection of the sentimental Romanticism. There is in him a need of maturity manly, intellectual force that he realized by participating as a soldier to the following Garibaldi, the war of '59 and the expedition of the Thousand. His most famous work, the novel Confessions of an Italian, is an imposing fresco of an era, a grandiose saga of the Italian Risorgimento, which abuts an unmistakable characteristic of the poetics of Nievo: the variety of items and spaces, of narrative elements and linguistic, of styles and intonation, which Nievo vi assumes in an effort to reproduce in the whole range of its possible shades the multiplicity inexhaustible of real. It represents the bridge of passage between the historical novel of the first romance and the novel realistic veristico-in the second half of the Nineteenth Century.

A place that has inspired a great writer and poet, in a century more or less far and which preserves in its strokes the appearance of then, for fortunate occasion or accurate care. These areas are the places of inspiration more famous, where you attempt - next to the preservation of a particular literary vision- save harmoniously every element of nature, of artistic construction, or the historical memory of the place.

The places of nievani literary park are Provedoni House and the Old Cathedral, the Fountain of Venchieredo, the Mill of Stalis, Piazzale della Madonna.

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