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Tales House

What to see in Vallo di Nera, Perugia, Umbria

the Tales House of Vallo di Nera is dedicate to oral literature. The 'Vallanate', fantastic and hyperbolic tales of popular character, particularly widespread in Vallo di Nera, form part of the rich patrimony of the oral culture of the Valnerina. The allocation of the Tales House (books, magazines, audio and video material, digital books, etc.) is in progress and contributions of scholars and enthusiasts of the rewarded works in the literary contest the story of his grandfather, as well as the spontaneous and generous willingness of the population of the Valnerina and Umbria in general.

As physical space, the House of Stories has at the center a wooden structure that invokes a sort of "wardrobe of memory" which with its myriad of drawers and drawers, shelves and containers composed a large, lively and interactive "Anthology" of popular culture, her rites, rhythms and values. At the crown of the mobile, built using different woods, but all of the place, is placed a sculpture-light in copper which, for its shape, draws inspiration from "vallanata". The shaft of the cumere, reinterpreted with materials of common use. Both works were designed by the artist Franco Pappalardo. The cabinet of the memory has been realized by Corrado pheasants with the help of Emilio Borgianini, both local craftsmen.

The photo shows Vallo of Tales, exposed in great wall, is the artistic result of "gaze foreigner" of singaporese Denise Tan and French Jean-François Lerasle. Some photos recall "vallanate" and stories that can be read along with others in the books to the wall between the windows.

All around, out of the house there is the living part, true, direct, of narrators with in first row Riziero Flamini the shepherd-storyteller of Vallo di Nera that enchant with their memory and their ability to tell stories in verse or prose their life, the special features of a land full of traditions and crafts.

The elderly, sitting in places members to the aggregation of Vallo di Nera, the ancient oaks of the main square, the bench of San Rocco, the wall of the Portella transmit with the charm of the word to the young people of the country and to those arriving from outside, their story and their experiences, but especially the sense of extraordinary unity paesana that widens the areas familiar to those of a community.

Open to the public: Saturday and Sunday.
In all other days only on reservation to be carried out in the Municipality of Vallo di Nera.

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Vallo di Nera

Vallo di Nera

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