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Venus Gate

What to see in Spello, Perugia, Umbria


So called in the seventeenth century for the proximity with a temple dedicated to the goddess of beauty, of which they were discovered evident traces in the park of Villa Fidelia. The Venus Gate, made white travertine and decorated by pilasters of the Doric order, is distinguished by three arched openings (fornixes), the period of the reign of the emperor Octavian Augustus (27 B.C.-14 to.C.), including between two strong towers dodecagonali romanic, on tall square supports: the so-called Properzio towers, from the name of the Latin poet Sixth Aurelio (47 BC-14 to.C.), which Spello and Assisi contended for the honor of having given birth.

  • Via Torri di Properzio, 43, Spello (Perugia)
  • Castle, fortress

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