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Ceramics Regional Museum

What to see in Deruta, Perugia, Umbria

its foundation dates back to 1898, thanks to the notary Deruta Francesco brigands who had the idea of setting up a "Artistic Museum pei manovali majolica". Not only a place of conservation, then, but also exhibition model useful to workers.

The museum has its seat at the convent of San Francesco, situated in the historical center of Deruta facing Palazzo Comunale. The original collection, initially exposed in the Palazzo Municipale, consisted of about one hundred and eighty works, some reproductions watercolor Alpinolo Magnini and ceramic fragments from local excavations. Most of the works was the result of donations and/or deposits so much is that the Deruta Museum is configured from the outset as a museum "evergetico" (evergetismo). In 1962 were added over four thousand works of the collection of the factory of the top (Consorzio Italiano artistic majolica) and Company Majolica Deruta. In the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century we are witnessing a further increase of the works thanks to the acquisition respectively of the collection Leonardo Pecchioli and Miltiades Magnini. The most recent findings have tried instead of closing gaps morphological and stylistic of Deruta production especially in the Renaissance.

The route of the visit, the result of a project museografico edited by Giancarlo Bojani and Giulio busts, allows you to explore the history of the ceramics tradition the Deruta thanks to exposure of seimilacinquecento works organized on four levels exhibition areas (including deposits) distributed on a surface of duemilaseicento m². The museum collection is ordered in a chronological path and some thematic sections which investigate the development and evolution of the ceramics tradition from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century.

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