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Castle of Pieve del Vescovo

What to see in Corciano, Perugia, Umbria

the Castle of Pieve del Vescovo, dating back to the end of the XIV century is mentioned for the first time in a bubble of Innocent III, in 1206, was a church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. In 1396 the parish was transformed into a castle with towers and walls. On 23 June 1397 there officiò the sumptuous marriage between Biordo Michelotti, who had occupied, and Giovanna Orsini. In 1453 the bishop of Perugia Giacomo Vannucci did begin construction of a farming village around the manor. The Parish Church of the Bishop (the name derives from the cardinal Fulvio della Corgna, bishop of Perugia), has a quadrilateral shape with four massive cantonal towers which give it a mighty physiognomy. Some rooms of the interior were frescoed by mannerist painter Taddeo Zuccari interesting: the chapel of San Giovanni Battista, the coat of arms of Cardinal, the stables and the prisons. In the decade 1560-1570, the bishop of Perugia (1550-1574) and Cardinal Fulvio della Corgna, nephew of Pope Julius III, younger brother of the famous Ascanio coreggente and the Marquisate of Castiglione del Lago (1563-1583), he commissioned a radical restoration of the parish to the architect Galeazzo Alessi in order to convert it into a summer residence with lush gardens.

On 25 April 1567 occurred in the castle a fact criminal: VI died suddenly the sixteen Elena Baglioni (daughter of Ranuccio), contessina of Parrano. They were accused of having poisoned the mother Ortensia Farnese and the son of the first bed Antonio Marescotti, presuntivo heir of the heritage if it had died young. But in the process celebrated in Rome to their load were not found sufficient evidence to vouch for the imputation. In 1576 Fulvio della Corgna (1517-1583) he preferred to leave the parish for a nearby, new and doviziosa dwelling, called Villa del Colle del Cardinal. In 1643, however, the great-grandson duke Fulvio Alessandro II decided to sell the latter, along with the parish, to the noble perugino Cornelius degli Oddi.

The castle then passed ultimately owned by the bishops of Perugia who loved to spend the summer. Among these we remember the future Pope Leo XIII who stayed there again and long (19 January 1846-20 February 1878). After a period of abandonment and degradation, the Parish Church of the Bishop has been restored and adapted to cultural activities.

  • Via Pieve, Corciano (Perugia)
  • Castle, fortress

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