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Marina Grande

What to see in Procida, Napoli, Campania

As soon as it arrives from the ferry there is located in front of the Palazzo Montefusco of the XII century, said of the "Catena" because at one time the rear driveway that led to the palace was barred passers by a chain, or even "Merlato" for the wonderful battlements overlying the entire Palace. In the past it was the summer residence of the king, then ancient convent and today inhabited by procidani. To the right of the spacious quay named "under the caves"(for lenumerose caves dug into the tufa for pull the boats and today used as warehouses) exceeded the stazione marittima, shipyards and the Professional Institute for the maritime activities, there is the homonymous beach separated, through a cliff, from that said "Si Lurenza". On the left, along Via Roma,exceeded the wooden crucifix of 1845, erected by the sailors to witness of their great faith, and the recent track freedom, skirting the old houses of thousand colors(so that the sailors could distinguish even from afar, on their boats,home) and the various cafes, pizzerias, restaurants(very welcome in their simplicity to holidaymakers and the same procidani) we arrive in piazza said sent the cò(Sancio Cattolico) where stands the church of S. Maria della Pietà(1616).

Continuing along the wharf of the new and modern tourist port you arrive at street number 10, where there was once the property of victory, that hosted Alfhonse De Lamartine, author of the novel Graziella, heroin, daughter of fishermen, typical image of beauty in Procida(Procida in fact besides being nicknamed the island of the postman or Arturo, is also called the island of Graziella).Later still, exceeded the majestic entrance gate of the School "F. Caracciolo"(which, with its 168 years of history, is the most ancient Nautical Institute of Europe), you can reach the beach of language, so called for the tip of volcanic nature facing north where there is a strict cross, to remember the sinking of sailboats barbarians(1500).

Photo by Stefano Guidi

  • Via Roma, 167, Procida (Napoli)
  • Monument /attraction

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= distances as the crow flies


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