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Bitonti Palace

What to see in Montesano Salentino, Lecce, Apulia

the palazzo Bitonti, located in piazza IV Novembre, was built around 1821 (on the basis of an engraving on metal clip of the entrance door) and presents itself as the natural continuation of the noble complex constituted by Bitonti chapel and the palazzo "old", belonging to the noble family.
The residence is located at the side of the chapel dedicated to the Madonna della Consolazione and S. Joseph, erected by the archpriest don Gaetano Bitonti. The Bitonti palace, is commonly recognized with the denomination of "new" palace, to distinguish it from the palace "old", dating back to the XVII century, the previous residence of the family, become too narrow to be able to host the different components.
The building is structured in two planes according to the typical scheme of palazzo salentino of the first half of the nineteenth century. Passed the entrance doorway, unfolds a first atrium covered by a barrel vault, followed by a court discovery, in which rise three columns surmounted by pots of fruit, faces symbolically to preannounce the garden behind, characteristic Renaissance emblem of the nobility of Salento.
From the lobby in front of the door, can be accessed through a little gate, the basements, which, dug in the bench natural calcarenitico, provide the typical example of the art of rock excavation, also residing in trappeti hypogea.
Traveling, instead, the ancient staircase , situated to the right of the entrance you will have access to the upper floor. It anciently used as a main residence, is composed of rooms surmounted by roof vaults in the extrados mirror, embellished by frescoes and decorations. Exception the barrel vault that covers the compartment adjacent to the entrance stairs and that at right angles which flanks the other staircase that leads to the terraces.

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Montesano Salentino

Montesano Salentino

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