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Bagpipe International Museum

What to see in Scapoli, Isernia, Molise

The bagpipe is an instrument of ancient origin that over the centuries has accompanied the pastors in their periodic displacements and the sound of which is here still common and particularly familiar because heralds the advent of Christmas.

The International Museum of The Zampogna The village of bachelors in Molise, is entitled to its creator Pasquale Vecchione. Unique in the world for the extraordinary architectural recovery of structure, cared in every aspect, in the splendid scenario of Palazzo Mancini, which dominates the country. In the Museum, located on three floors, it is possible to admire, thematically catalogd, numerous and prized bagpipes coming from every part of the world and produced in various eras, wind instruments of rare beauty, a vast iconographic documentation and literature, as well as photos of the time and an ancient artisan workshop dedicated to historical scapolesi builders of bagpipes and Ciaramelle Benedict of flower, Ettore Di Fiore, Gerardo Guatieri, Luciano Di Fiore Palmerino and hunting, which have transmitted to the new generations its incomparable art. Along the fascinating exhibition path it is possible to visit a unique permanent crib of the Neapolitan school realized by art masters Capuano of San Gregorio Armeno in Naples.

The Museum can be reached on foot from the main square of the town following the "journey of Ronda", a walk along the perimeter of the longobard fortification that embraces 360 degrees the historical center nestled in the magnificent scenery of the Mainarde molisane with an exceptional view on the valley of the Volturno. With this reality Museale of merit are tip to the exploitation of the traditions and culture typical of Bachelors, with a strong reminder of cultural proposal and folkloric: folklore which is also inherent in the landscape, so deeply felt and experienced.

An exhibition project that presents itself as a meeting point between art and popular culture, as is placed emphasis on the harmonious symbiosis with the popular tradition local, understood as vibrant expression of feeling of community pastoral. With the International Museum of the Zampogna "P. Vecchione", that every year is enriched with new and valuable tools from all corners of the earth, we wanted to bring to light the soul of a country which has sought to revive its economy through cultural tourism. Nature and the environment, history and tradition, art, culture and gastronomy coexist here for centuries in a profound harmony and captivating, able to offer the ingredients are ideal for high-quality cultural tourism and for an experience outside the circuits official tourist.

Opening times: from Friday to Sunday: 10.30-12 and 16.30-18. Holidays only on reservation.

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