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Sundial of the Church of Visitation

What to see in Perinaldo, Imperia, Liguria

The Sundial of the Church of the Visitation, is in the implementation phase and will most likely be inaugurated for the next equinox in autumn, on 23 September. The project involves the construction of a sundial, called "dark room", in the Church of the Visitation Perinaldo and consequently the resurfacing of the Church: a sundial is a tool that allows you to measure and follow the apparent motion of the sun in the course of the year. In the past the sundials were the only and the most accurate meters of the time and of the course of the Sun, fundamental for the formulation of civil calendars and ecclesiastics; today can still have this function, but above all they are teaching tools and Dissemination of astronomical science, representative of the historical, scientific and cultural fields. Giovanni Domenico Cassini (1625-1712), the famous astronomer born in Perinaldo, has realized in 1655 a large meridian in San Petronio Basilica in Bologna, the longest in the world and yet worked; Giacomo Filippo Maraldi (1665-1729), his nephew, equally Born in Perinaldo, has realized with Mgr.Bianchini La Meridiana in the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome. The Church of the Visitation in Perinaldo, also called "Madonna del Poggio del Reo", is a building of the XVII century, sober and elegant in its impressive essentiality, for tradition linked to the figure of the astronomer G.D.Cassini, open for religious functions in some annual deadlines and already used for cultural events in the recent past. The Sundial of the Church of the Visitation develops on two levels, given the presence of steps toward the altar, with a height of the gnomonic hole of 8,139 m and 7,654 m; through the gnomonic hole that measures 15 mm in diameter, the Sun enters in the church to project on the floor its image, that to the Winter Solstice will be an ellipse cm 50 x 20 cm approximately; the meridian line will be long almost 20 meters. These dimensions remain the Sundial of the Visitation among the 16 largest in Italy; this and the fact that only 3, smaller, have been made after 1900, explain the importance of the project for Perinaldo and the Liguria Region. Moreover, the realization of this sundial in Perinaldo has a great cultural significance and fits into the context of important deadlines that are particularly relevant to the world of science, such as the happy outcome of the Cassini-Huygens mission and the 350th anniversary of the sundial of the Basilica of San Petronio; a great tribute also to the distinguished astronomers Perinaldo, where is located the birthplace, the Castle Maraldi, Municipal Astronomical Observatory, entitled to G.D.Cassini, and the adjoining Museum Cassini. To realize this work represents not only the interest of a country of the hinterland of western Liguria, that want to get to know and appreciate more and more, but also to work in the interests of safeguarding the historical and environmental heritage, addressing areas of use, also coming from other regions, pushed by input of scientific-cultural.

  • Località Scoglio, 4, 18032, Perinaldo (Imperia)
  • Religious location



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december, 2023

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