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Oratory of St. Catherine

What to see in Ceriana, Imperia, Liguria

Located in the municipality of Ceriana, in Piazza Santo Spirito, the Oratory of St. Catherine is a Catholic place of worship that dates back to 1340 and was rebuilt in a larger Baroque style in 1737. Founded as the "venerable Oratory of St. Catherine of Alexandria," this shrine has an ancient and interesting history.

As noted in the 1913 Statutes, St. Catherine's Oratory was founded in 1340 and welcomed the first brethren of the congregation. Over the centuries, the Oratory underwent various modifications and expansions, but its original charm remains intact.

The cult of St. Catherine
St. Catherine of Alexandria is the patron saint of philosophers, students and millers. She is celebrated on November 25 each year and attracts many worshippers from all over the world. Her historical figure has been celebrated in numerous works of art, including paintings, sculptures and poems.

The presence of St. Apollonia
St. Catherine's Oratory is also home to St. Apollonia of Alexandria, patron saint of dentists and dental diseases. Her feast day is Feb. 9, and many devotees come to the Oratory to pray before her statue.

  • Piazza Santo Spirito, Ceriana (Imperia)
  • Religious location

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