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Remo Brindisi House Museum

What to see in Comacchio, Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna

inaugurated and opened to the public in 1973 with the name of "Remo Brindisi Alternative Museum", the structure, work of the architect designer Nanda Vigo, was divided into two distinct functions: a home for the holidays of Remo Brindisi and his family and the museum to accommodate its rich collection.
This is an experiment complex of dwelling-lab, but above all a cultural space experimental born with the intention to establish a direct relationship between the visual arts, from architecture to design, from painting to sculpture.

The architecture reveals his soul spazialista. White walls or transparent, mirrors, neon lights smaterializzano spaces, giving is located inside the villa the feeling of a different size. All spaces, even private ones, have accepted and receive a large number of works of art that Brindisi, avid collector has gathered during his whole life. It is called "House Museum Remo Brindisi" , what a great and unique work of art and culture in its complexity and witness of a whole life as an artist and collector.

  • Via Nicolò Pisano, 34, Lido di Spina, Comacchio (Ferrara)
  • 0533 81302
  • Mueum



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