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Church of Our Lady of the Elm

What to see in Moresco, Fermo, Marche


The church stands at the point where Antrefacchia district forks in Molino and Montefioralunga, also called Tredico (tres duco). Tredico is also the name by which a nearby public wash-house is called. The Church, in Romanesque style, has two altars, one in the front from the original shrine and the other, from the following period, immediately behind. Both were embellished by the art of the painter Vincenzo Pagani. In the first one there is a fresco with Jesus Crucified, while in the second a marvelous altarpiece, depicting a Madonna with Child and Saints.

  • Contrada Tredico, Moresco (Fermo)
  • Religious location

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Restaurant Poggio Verde
Via Svarchi, 31 - 63824, Altidona (Fermo)
6.13 Kilometers from Church of Our Lady of the Elm
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