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Geopaleontological Museum

What to see in Palena, Chieti, Abruzzo


The Geopaleontological Museum of Palena offers an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the geological past of the territory. Located on the top floor of the Ducal Castle, the museum is filled with fossil specimens that testify to the geological past of the territory. The museum consists of three sections: the Hall of Knowledge, the Aventine Hall, and the Palena Hall.

The Hall of Knowledge is dedicated to scientific documentation of the geological evolution of the territory. Here the Earth's dynamic processes are explained as proper to a living organism. The geological history and the evolution of life, witnessed with characteristic fossils, are traced in parallel.

In the Aventine Hall, the geological history and the paleoenvironmental and paleontological aspects of the area are illustrated through its rocks and original fossil remains. You can admire these precious remains up close and discover their age and provenance.

Finally, the Palena Room, considered the main core of the Museum, displays the "Di Carlo Collection" finds from the important Miocene deposit of Capo di Fiume. Displayed here are plant remains such as fish, mollusks, echinids, crustaceans, bird feathers and the perfectly preserved skeleton in rock of a small lagomorphic mammal that is now extinct, the prologue.

The Palena Geopaleontological Museum is a must-see destination for anyone interested in the geological history of the area. Come and discover all it has to offer and be fascinated by the beauty of these ancient artifacts!

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