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Oratory SS. Annunziata

What to see in Spigno Monferrato, Alessandria, Piedmont


The SS. Annunziata Oratory in Spigno Monferrato is a small building built after 1590 for the Confraternity of the Disciplinants. This oratory represents a place intended for popular religiosity, where the faithful can practice divine worship in a fairly simple but historically rich structure.

Oratories emerged mainly after the Counter-Reformation in the 1500s and are small in size, adjacent to churches, intended for divine worship by a community or group of the faithful with a license from the Ordinary. The Oratory SS. Annunziata is located near the parish church S. Ambrose and has been restored in its exterior.

The structure is quite simple but elegant making it perfect for the celebration of intimate and collected masses and religious ceremonies. The plan is rectangular and its four bays are divided by pilasters. On the long side facing the street are four windows that illuminate the building's interior. Frescoes occupy the side walls and the entrance wall, creating a distinctive and striking environment.

Its architectural style reflects the trends of the period in which it was erected, namely the Counter-Reformation period, characterized by the desire to reaffirm the power of the Church through the promotion of a more heartfelt and participatory faith by the faithful. The Oratory SS. Annunziata is thus a sacred place that testifies to the popular devotion and deep spirituality that animated the people of the time.

In addition to its cultural-historical aspect, the SS. Annunziata Oratory also has great artistic value thanks to the frescoes that decorate its walls. These paintings depict biblical and Marian scenes, masterfully created by local artists of the time. The frescoes thus constitute an artistic heritage of great value, further enriching visitors' spiritual experience.

  • Via S. Paolo, 37, Spigno Monferrato (Alessandria)
  • Religious location

Spigno Monferrato

Spigno Monferrato
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