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La Grotta Restaurant

Where to eat in La Maddalena, Sassari, Sardinia

A stone's throw from the ancient port of Cala Gavetta, in a alley in the historic center of La Maddalena, there is the La Grotta Restaurant. Born in 1958, the restaurant is an authentic pearl of this delightful village.

At the table it is possible to discover in how many ways you can cook the daily catch displayed in the window, splendid in color and with such freshness that invites guests to choose what you want to get it ready right away.

In this corner of the Mediterranean, the passion of Antonio and Concetta Barretta, originating from Pozzuoli, whose motto is:

"Our menu, our showcase
and our experience
they are the guarantee of what you eat"

The restaurant at La Grotta is a historic cuisine and offers specialties of Neapolitan cuisine.

Numerous specialties are served, from seafood appetizers to the first and then go on to catch the catch of the day.

Dish par excellence, the Seven-Eight lobster, whose name originates from the commercial use of fish sellers who, thanks to the obligatory screams of offer, always repeated the same content or "Seven Eight".

This well-known specialty is very imitated but the original recipe is jealously guarded by Ferdinando Barretta who, Antonio's nephew, has preserved and re-proposed the tradition for the past 25 years.

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La Maddalena

La Maddalena

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