September 23, 1217-23 September 2017: Vallo di Nera is 800 years old. Dances, conferences, exhibitions and music will celebrate one of the most beautiful umbrian villages and its castle.


800 years old: Happy birthay Vallo di Nera
Tue, 19 Sep 2017

800 years old: Happy birthay Vallo di Nera

A long parchment dated 23 September 1217 and signed by Jacopo by Messer Giovanni Capocci, Podestà di Spoleto, attests the birth of the castle of Vallo di Nera and the concession to the men of Vallo of the right to live on the hill of Flezano, formerly occupied by a fortress of the Duke Corrado d'Urslingen.

So Vallo di Nera populated and  the ancient Castrum Valli, built in the heart of Valnerina.

In a few days the ancient village will celebrate 800 years, and it will do it great, thanks to the support and participation of the Municipal Administration, the Region, the Province of Perugia, and other entities, associations and individuals.

The festivities will take place on September 25th and 24th .There will be many events, like vintage photos, display of ancient parchment, special postal cancellation, a convention with important speakers, guided tours, historical procession of Umbrian events, exhibitions and tastings of typical products, cake birthday, show of dancing fountains.

This two celebration days will be about  the centenary history of  Vallo di Nera.




16.00: A photographic exhibition from the twentieth century will be inaugurated under Portello di Portella, granted by the Central Institute for Catalog and Documentation, by the Federico Zeri Foundation, by Cedrav and by private archives, in collaboration with the Association tourism of Valnerina-Cascia.

5.30: In “Casa dei Racconti”, the Mayor of Spoleto and the chief of the State Archives will give to the Mayor of Vallo di Nera the notary parchment, attesting the birth of the castle. The precious document will remain on display for a few days, visible to the public.

18.30: Santa Maria Hall, it will be screened period photographs  of public places and inhabitants.


10:15: Santa Maria Hall, presentation "Vallo 800: History, Art, Environment".

Following the greetings of the Mayor, Agnese Benedetti and the President of the Legislative Assembly of the Umbria Region, Donatella Porzi, five interventions by scholars will present Vallo di Nera in its many facets.

Luigi Rambotti, head of the Historical Archives section of Spoleto with the narrative of the salient facts of the castle, of the rebel Petrone da Vallo who led the revolt of Valnerina against Spoleto, of some unusual curiosities and episodes; Alessandro Delpriori, art historian and Mayor of Matelica, will talk about the treasures of Vallo and Valle del Nera; architect Elisabetta Ansaloni Zivieri will remember the experience of restoration after the 1979 earthquake.

Professor Ivo Pulcini, a sports physician, nutritionist and cardiologist, will talk about lifestyles related to contact with unspoiled nature and nutrition with healthy products. Following the intervention of Professor Mario Tosti, President of the Institute for Contemporary History of Umbria, the conclusions will be taken by the Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies, Marina Sereni. The meeting will be moderated by the Deputy Director of RAI Tg3 Giuliano Giubilei.

10.30-12.30: The children of the Media School of Vallo "Cicero per un giorno" will accompany visitors to the discovery of the monuments, anticipating the "Sunday of the Borgo", a manifestation created by the Club of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy will be repeated on 1 October.

12.00-18.00: At Casa dei Racconti will work a temporary philatelic service dedicated to the event, with special annulment of Poste Italiane.

16.00: Dozens of figurative costumes will elicit the little Vallo honoring her birthday. In fact, delegations of the most beautiful historical events of Umbria will be dumped with their ancient costumes, gonfalons, clearings and insignia. The courteous giullar Gianluca Foresi will present the procession and the historical re-enactment of the notary script of the ancient parchment.

Tastings of typical local products will be followed, open to all participants and visitors, organized by farms in the area.

19.30: Toast and birthday cake. The event will be closed by an evocative show of dancing fountains by Dominici's company.

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