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Friday 15 september 2023

From Oct. 11-13, the Rimini Trade Fair District will host the 60th edition of TTG Travel Experience with more than 200 scheduled events

TTG, the right place to get educated and informed

Three days of lectures and discussions on current events, innovation and trends that are changing the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Over 250 speakers and 9 discussion arenas.


For the 60th edition of TTG Travel Experience., in program at the Rimini Exhibition Center from October 11-13, there will be 9 Arenas where more than 250 speakers will discuss the future of the industry. A unique opportunity to get educated and informed.
Utopia is the main theme of the 2023 edition. Academics, economists, sociologists, technologists and creatives will explain how to achieve it through instructions and inspirations needed to redesign products and meet the needs of new travelers.
"Our arenas have become spaces for updating, for creativity, for training. That's why for some years now we have liked to unite them under the label Think Future, a fixed name for the program schedule but also an invitation to thinking always ready to grasp and manage new situations and new challenges," emphasizes Gloria Armiri, Group Exhibition Manager - Tourism &Hospitality Division of Italian Exhibition Group.

The new trends, between semiotics, statistics and sociology

Among the over 200 appointments scheduled, a lunge into the supply and demand trends that will drive the market over the next 5 years through data from the Travel&Hospitality Vision +24 by TTG. Then preview findings from the Travel Innovation Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano. And, again, a review of Confturismo data on actual and potential travelers who will be featured in the Year of Italian Roots in 2024. Not to be missed is the Lecture by sociologist Francesco Morace on the topic of gaseous modernity related to new virtual identities and the use of artificial intelligence in the world of travel.

Climate change, social transition, dematerialization of currency

Social transition becomes a topic of interest for tourism as well. Valerie Hoffenberg, a former diplomat as well as an internationally renowned speaker on gender equality issues, will talk about it. With Mabrian, on the other hand, there will be an understanding of how climate change is impacting the sector, affecting its flows and seasonality. Nautical and high-altitude tourism will be the subject of other insights related to the new environmental framework.

The role of Film Commissions in supporting territorial promotion, the future of air transport and new electronic payment systems will also be discussed during the 3-day event.

Two insights dedicated to the future of human resources and youth entrepreneurship, with an overview of the labor market and suggestions on the orientation of new resources by Ca' Foscari, plus an update on PNRR and EU funds for young entrepreneurs by Peppino de Rose, a university lecturer active in the EU.

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