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Nerd on four wheels: how to turn your car into a multimedia experience

Tuesday 09 may 2023

The car is a means of transport that has become necessary, even for your holiday trips, and we must all take care of it, even those who are not enthusiasts.

Nerd on four wheels: how to turn your car into a multimedia experience

The car is a means of transport that has become necessary, even for your holiday trips, and we must all take care of it, even those who are not enthusiasts. This is because life today, with its needs, requires us to have a personal vehicle suitable for long distances in order to keep up with all the commitments we face.

The obligations related to owning a car are many: it is important to take care of its proper functioning and the regulations that enable it to travel safely on the road, such as the obligation to have an overhaul or the need to take out third-party liability insurance.

To make all this less stressful, there are several solutions that allow you to take some of the stress off your shoulders, such as apps to set up reminder reminding us of deadlines or the possibility of subscribing to car insurance in instalments so that the expenditure to be incurred is less burdensome in the short term.

In addition, the use of the internet is a great help, especially when it comes to convenience. Telepass, a well-known provider of mobility services for private individuals and companies, offers advantageous instalment plans thanks to the possibility of taking out its insurance online, as well as customer service that is always available and the possibility of customising one's RC auto according to specific needs.

The obligations related to car ownership are therefore many, but this does not mean that the car is just a liability and cannot become something interesting and related to one's hobbies.

There are many possibilities for customisation, especially for those who are into technology and multimedia entertainment, which can make travelling by car much more enjoyable.

Increase entertainment with a multimedia system for passengers
The car should be almost like a second home, providing pleasure and a feeling of comfort. So why not install a multimedia entertainment system that can keep the passengers company and make them feel like they are sitting on their own sofa?

Technological advancement helps a lot in this, giving various options to turn one's car into a true nerd's paradise, where one can listen to music, watch movies or even play video games in a comfortable and safe manner.

These are obviously modifications that will benefit the passengers, but will also make the car driver feel at home, being surrounded by what he likes best and above all knowing that he is entertaining his fellow passengers.

One of the simplest and most convenient ways to bring entertainment into the car is to use simple tablets. You can install a holder right on the headrest of the front seat, so that the device becomes a real screen for the passengers in the back.

With a wifi system or 4G cards, it is possible to equip each of these with internet access, to watch films or TV series on online platforms such as Netflix or Disney+.

To make the car even more technological, you can add a DVD system or even consoles, using tablets as a screen or attaching the Nintendo Switch to the headrest mount directly, if you have one.

Computer support and fun, thanks to new car radios

The multimedia entertainment system is designed exclusively for the passengers and it is, indeed, important that it is organised in such a way that it is not too disruptive for the driver. Even for the latter, however, there is a way to enjoy the support of technology despite having to pay full attention to the road. This is thanks to the new infotainment systems that allow you to connect your smartphone or other devices via Bluetooth.

This gives you access to (almost) the entire library of apps you have on your mobile phone, such as Spotify or Youtube Music, so that you can enjoy your music playlist quickly and easily.

Often these systems also support the voice assistant, thus allowing management of one's apps and access to them using just one's voice. Alternatively, many have touchscreens that make it quicker and easier to navigate between apps and open the one you prefer.

These new systems therefore make it easier and safer to control your smartphone, even allowing you to check emails, messages, news or use navigation apps while driving, thanks to turn-by-turn navigation.

Advanced audio systems for top sound at all times

What matters most to a true digital entertainment enthusiast is the quality of the audio.

The car has to become a real personalised space where one can feel safe and comfortable, so it is important that the audio system is also up to scratch. You can find high-quality car speakers on the market that you can have installed by your electrician.

Sometimes it is also possible to choose the preferred sound system directly when buying the car, having optional speakers installed, to further improve the sound quality.

The most technologically advanced speakers have many options available, including Bluetooth connection, voice control or customised equalisation. Some entertainment systems even allow access to settings to customise sound characteristics.

Finally, the gadgets

A true nerd likes to be surrounded by his passion, not only in the possibility of using it at any time, but also through gadgets. The more daring, and those who want to make their car a second home, cosy and pleasant, often decide to 'furnish' it with a bit of fantasy.

Especially online you can find customised gadgets for themed cars, such as seat covers, sunshades or stickers to attach to the bodywork representing favourite characters or series.

In addition, you can add gadgets to the interior, such as key rings, pendants, small figurines to hang from the rear view mirror or soft toys to place in the corners of the rear window.

The important thing, as always, is to organise everything in such a way that it never gets in the way of driving or is a source of distraction for the driver, so that you have a truly nerdy, but still safe car.

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