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Mirrors of water in Molise: a journey through nature and hidden beauty

Monday 29 may 2023

A region that holds authentic natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. Molise hides extraordinary landscapes that are absolutely worth exploring

Mirrors of water in Molise: a journey through nature and hidden beauty

Lake of Castel San Vincenzo - Ph. vincenzodalessio/flickr

Molise is a still largely unexplored and unknown region that holds authentic natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. This territory offers breathtaking natural landscapes, rich in history and traditions, inviting you to discover an unspoiled corner of the Belpaese. Nestled in the heart of its green hills and mountains, the region hides fascinating bodies of water that represent precious pearls, ready to surprise and enchant the most curious. In this article, we will explore the wonders behind Guardialfiera Lake, Carpinone Waterfall and Castel San Vincenzo Lake.

Get ready to set out on this exclusive journey and immerse yourself in the extraordinary beauty of these hidden gems of Molise.

Lake of Guardialfiera

Lake Guardialfiera, also known as Lake Liscione, is one of the most beautiful and picturesque bodies of water in Molise. It is an artificial lake made the 1970s following the construction of a dam on the Biferno River.

Guardialfiera, a charming village a stone's throw from the lake

Guardialfiera is a picturesque village overlooking the artificial lake of the same name. This ancient village, dating back to Roman times, stands on a hill overlooking the Biferno River valley and offers a vantage point over the surrounding natural landscapes.

Its historic center still retains many of its medieval roots, with narrow, winding streets, stone arches and tuff houses. Its proximity to Lake Guardialfiera makes the village an ideal starting point for exploring both the lake and the surrounding hinterland. The shores of the lake offer numerous opportunities for walking and hiking, as well as recreational activities such as sport fishing and water sports. In addition, the lush nature of the surrounding area provides a perfect setting to relax and rejuvenate, getting away from the stresses of everyday life.

Guardialfiera represents an authentic tourist destination, far from the crowded tourist routes, where centuries-old traditions, natural beauty and the charm of still unspoiled places come together in a unique and unforgettable travel experience.

Lago di Guardialfiera
Ph. Paolo Casmirro/flickr

Carpinone Waterfall

In the province of Isernia, the Carpinone Waterfall is a spectacular waterfall located in the eponymous village of Carpinone, surrounded by an enchanted forest and floral nature. This waterfall is formed by the Carpino stream and is located within a protected area characterized by rich vegetation and biodiversity. Several hiking trails can be followed around the waterfall, allowing visitors to explore its lush vegetation and enjoy enchanting views of the stream and the waterfall itself.

Carpinone: a charming village in the heart of Molise

Nestled among the area's green hills and picturesque mountains, Carpinone boasts a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that reflects the authentic spirit of Molise life. Carpinone's historic center still retains the charm of its medieval past, with its narrow streets, flights of steps and stone houses. The particular layout of the houses, which follow the contours of the hilly terrain, creates a labyrinth of alleys and courtyards that invite exploration.

The village is surrounded by two ancient walls: the first encircles the medieval Caldora Castle, while the second encloses the lower part of the village.

Cascata del Carpinone
Ph. Domenico Ciamarra/flickr

Lake Castel San Vincenzo: a natural jewel in Molise

Lake Castel San Vincenzo is another fascinating body of water located in the western part of Molise. It is a fascinating and evocative destination for those who wish to discover one of the most authentic and enchanting corners of Molise, far from the hustle and bustle of the most popular tourist destinations.

A trip to Castel San Vincenzo, the village around the lake

Castel San Vincenzo is a charming village in Molise, situated around a lake of the same name. Nestled in a hilly and mountainous landscape, the village offers an enchanting natural setting that makes it an ideal destination for lovers of history, culture and outdoor tourism.

Due to its proximity to Lake Castel San Vincenzo, the village offers numerous opportunities for nature lovers and outdoor activities. The shores of the lake invite relaxing walks and hikes, while the surrounding area offers a variety of trails for hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts.

Lago di Castel San Vincenzo
Ph. Frank Abbate/flickr

Each of these places offers a unique and unforgettable experience in which nature is revealed in its purest, wildest and most evocative form. In addition, discovering the charming villages of Guardialfiera and Castel San Vincenzo allows you to get in touch with the ancient traditions, history and architecture typical of the Molise region.

This journey through Molise's bodies of water represents an unmissable opportunity for nature tourism enthusiasts and those who wish to get off the beaten tourist track in search of an authentic adventure in the green heart of Italy. Rely on the magic of Molise's waters and lands, give yourself an experience of discovery and contact with the most sincere rhythms of nature and its wonders.

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