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An itinerary along the Romantic Road of the Langhe and Roero among villages, castles and Piedmontese vineyards

Tuesday 26 february 2019

The Romantic Road of the Langhe and Roero, an enchanting journey through vineyards, villages and castles of Piedmont

An itinerary along the Romantic Road of the Langhe and Roero among villages, castles and Piedmontese vineyards

In the core of the Piedmont area, between authentic villages, medieval castles and generous vineyards lies an itinerary beaten by the footsteps of those who embark on the journey dictated by their own hearts. The Romantic Road of the Langhe and Roero is an idyllic journey to travel in the company of its soul mate, a perennial hymn to love and beauty.

Strada Romantica delle langhe e del Roero

There are eleven the most significant stages of this extraordinary journey, 130 kilometers of scenic roads and thirty nature excursions, a journey that allows you to savor every note and hint of a territory that leaves you speechless. The first stop is the Municipality of Vezza d'Alba, in the province of Cuneo, home of the Naturalistic Museum of Roero. An enchanting village that is divided into three nuclei: the first, Borbore, which is located in the flat part crossed by the state road Alba-Torino, where the roads leading to Borgonuovo and the Villa stand, the oldest part perched on a hill that overlooks the valley below.

Magliano alfieri

It follows the Magliano Alfieri village, whose historical center is extended on the crest of the hill, characterized by the imposing eighteenth-century castle belonging to the Alfieri and continuing to Neive, a famous village with a medieval heart, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.


Another important stop is the village of Treiso, where it was recently discovered one of the few sites of the ancient Piedmont Neolithic and continues with Trezzo Tinella, an ancient village dating back to the Romanesque period, up to Benevello, which offers an exciting lookout over the whole Alba area, and in Murazzano, one of the main centers of the Alta Langa, dominated by an imposing medieval tower dating back to 1300.

Continuing we arrive at one of the most interesting centers of the Alta Langa: Mombarcaro, once protected by high walls, from which you can enjoy an excellent view up to the Ligurian Sea and the village of Camerana, with its famous castle with tower . On the fascinating hills of the Bassa Langa, on the other hand, the medieval village of Sinio extends, now rural and touristy, and going up towards the Serravalle Langhe, through a winding road, you'll find Cissone, a small village that preserves the fascinating ruins of a castle ancient.Monbarcaro

The real protagonists of this itinerary, in addition to the breathtaking panoramic points, are the nature trails and spiritual paths that lead to the discovery of curious legends, typical products of this extraordinary land, such as truffles and fine wines, and impressive works such as monuments and cathedrals candidates to be UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Each stage and every village are characterized by a specific theme, from vantage points and food and wine experiences, all suggested by the site of the Romantic Road of the Langhe and Roero.

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