Land of truffles and castles, sweet vineyards and wineries, historic cellars and many traditions. Here the vineyards are transformed into poetry, the ancient streets of Langa unveil unique landscapes, magical lands that smell of extraordinary wines.


Langhe: journey to the villages of Alba, Barolo, Barbaresco and Neive
Mon, 29 Oct 2018

Langhe: journey to the villages of Alba, Barolo, Barbaresco and Neive

It is time for truffles in the lands of Barolo and Barbaresco.

In the heart of the Langa hills, in the shadow of castles and vineyards, Alba has once again become, as every year, the world capital of taste.

October and November are the months of the International Truffle Fair of Alba, showcase of flavors and culture of a unique and extraordinary land.

Alba is a triumph of events and parties, exhibitions and meetings that attract tourists from all over the world, who do not stop only in the city, but push themselves on its hills in search of excellence and wonders. To that portion of Langhe linked to the production of Barolo is opposed that where the other great local wine is born, the Barbaresco. Both are the frame of their capital, both divided by the latter from a handful of miles.

Neive, Barbaresco and Barolo are some of the pearls of this corner of Piedmont, places frequented, explored, loved and dreamed by the many tourists who come from all over the world, appreciating its history, art, culture and cuisine.


Barolo is certainly the most prestigious village, the one that bears the name of the precious wine that has conquered the world. Set on a small plateau, it is surrounded by vine-covered hills set in an amphitheater. An element that strongly characterizes the village is the Falletti castle, an ancient noble residence that had among its guests Silvio Pellico, where you can visit, among other rooms, the Historical Library. Do not miss the Regional Enoteca del Barolo as well as the WIMU, the historical multimedia museum dedicated to wine and to the enoic civilization. The village of Barolo is also historical cellars, wine bars and delicious restaurants where rediscover the flavors of the Langhe tradition.


Barbaresco and Neive, on the other hand, divide the scene of the Barbaresco DOCG lands. The first is dominated by its ancient tower, clearly visible from the city of Alba, and is a succession of cellars, even family-run, where you can taste and buy a good bottle, symbol of the economy of the country that even in the nineteenth century Church of San Donato, restored and adapted to the Regional Enoteca, celebrates its history through the most prestigious labels of the village and many photographs that trace its history.

A few kilometers from Barbaresco there is Neive, with its historical part wrapped in rings around the ancient ricetto.


Among the most evocative of the Langhe, the medieval structure of the village sees the houses with red roofs leaning against each other and all around a riot of hills covered with vineyards. Its historic center is enchanting with its narrow cobbled streets that lead up to the Torre dell'Orologio, dating back to the 13th century.

Among its most precious historical and architectural remains there are many stately homes including the eighteenth century of the Counts of Castelborgo, the sumptuous garden and the precious wine cellar, and Casa Cotto, dating back to the thirteenth century, the oldest dwelling of Neive.

Among the most valuable religious buildings are the Baroque archconfraternity of San Michele and the sixteenth-century chapels of San Rocco and San Sebastiano.

Terra del Barbaresco, the prestigious red wine of the area, Neive is also an excellent table where there are countless delicacies including the delicious truffle tajarin, the savory Piedmontese mixed fried, the bagna caoda, the hazelnut cake and the zabaglione moscato.

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