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5 unmissable villages in western Sicily

Friday 09 june 2023

Discover 5 unmissable villages in western Sicily: Erice, Segesta, Scopello, Cefalù and Marsala. Immerse yourself in their rich history, culinary traditions and breathtaking views for an unforgettable travel experience.

5 unmissable villages in western Sicily

Erice in main photo by Dmitijs Mihejevs

Western Sicily is a region rich in hidden treasures and enchanting villages that capture the imagination of visitors. To visit it at its best, you can reach this area and start a slow tour through its must-see places. To get around with greater freedom and peace of mind, you can opt to bring your own car. In this case, it is a good idea to make a Naples Palermo ferry booking as soon as possible to find the option that best suits your needs.

In this article, we will explore 5 extraordinary villages in this part of the island, to propose an unforgettable journey through the authentic beauty and rich history of Sicily. From medieval streets to breathtaking views, from archaeological treasures to culinary traditions, these villages will provide unique and unforgettable experiences.

Erice: an enchanting medieval hilltop village


Erice - PH Alexey Oblov

 seems like a place out of time. The majestic fortress dominates the village, offering a spectacular panoramic view of the coast and surrounding islands. Here, one can lose oneself in the picturesque alleys, discovering historical churches, craft shops and cosy restaurants. Don't forget to taste the typical sweets such as cannoli and genovesi, unmissable tributes to Erice's gastronomic tradition.

Segesta: an ancient Greek city of surprising treasures


Temple of Segesta - PH Flickr/Ecolalia

Segesta is capable of taking visitors back in time with its well-preserved Greek ruins. Here you can admire the Temple of Segesta, an impressive piece of architecture, and immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of the Greek theatre. The thousand-year history of this village blends with the evocative landscapes that surround it, creating a unique experience that will leave you breathless.

Scopello: a small fishing village surrounded by a spectacular coastline


Scopello - PH Flickr/Vincenzo Russo

Scopello is a hidden gem on the Trapani coast. Its Tonnara, an ancient tuna-fishing structure, has become an icon of the village and provides an enchanting backdrop for souvenir photos. From here you can also reach the Zingaro Nature Reserve, a natural paradise with scenic paths leading to secret bays and beaches of wild, unspoilt beauty.

Cefalù: a charming seaside town with a majestic cathedral


Cefalù PH Flickr/Sergio Tumminello

Cefalù is a seaside town with a unique and vibrant atmosphere. Its majestic cathedral is a masterpiece of Norman architecture, but also the narrow streets and craft shops take visitors back in time to a distant medieval era. But Cefalù is not only history, art and tradition. Here you can also relax on the golden sandy beaches and enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the promenade.

Marsala: a town rich in history and wine tradition


Marsala Salt Pans - PH Flickr/Nicholas Lonack

Marsala is famous for its world-famous wines, but it also offers much more. Here, you can explore the wine cellars and delight in tastings of fine wines, but also walk through the historic centre, admire the noble villas and be surprised by the thousand-year history of this town. It is also impossible to miss the salt pans of Marsala, a unique heritage where salt is still extracted according to centuries-old traditions.

Final tips

Western Sicily is home to a myriad of enchanting villages, each with its own unique history and beauty. Erice, Segesta, Scopello, Cefalù and Marsala are just a few of the gems to be discovered in this fascinating region, so it is best to take the time to explore these places, immersing yourself in their authentic atmosphere, sampling the local cuisine and creating unforgettable memories. There is no doubt that the villages of western Sicily will captivate anyone with their beauty and cultural richness.

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