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A fascinating journey through street art in the villages of the Marche region

Thursday 12 october 2023

Discover the beauty of Marche's villages transformed into open-air museums. Braccano, Cacciano and Mondolfo shine thanks to street art

A fascinating journey through street art in the villages of the Marche region

Braccano - Ph. giocondo GIROLIMETTI/flickr

The evolution of Street Art has radically revolutionized the art world, transforming inhospitable concrete walls into exciting urban canvases. This art began as a way to convey social, political and cultural messages, evolving over time and eroding the austere image of art as the domain of a small elite. This within the reach of all represents how the human capacity to express art can transform even urban settings into a fascinating open-air museum.

In inland Italy, particularly in the Marche region, this art form has found a favorable habitat in old villages, giving rise to true open-air museums-a perfect fusion of contemporary art and the historic Italian landscape.

Street Art a Cacciano
Ph. Famiglia Maroncelli/flickr

Braccano: A mix of freedom

Braccano, a charming painted village, a hamlet of Matelica, offers a unique experience of an immersive journey into art thanks to a street furniture redevelopment project that has made it known to the world, where the walls of old buildings tell stories through murals.

Every corner of Braccano represents a chapter in a fascinating book of visual art. With about 80 murals, created by various national and international artists, the works in the village do not follow a well-defined theme, but rather each artist is given total freedom of expression in both the depiction of subjects and painting techniques.

Murales di Braccano
Ph. trono66/flickr

Cacciano: A harmonious fusion

Cacciano, a hamlet of Fabriano in the province of Ancona, is the apotheosis of the connection between community histories and urban art. What makes this wonderful hamlet unique are its painted walls, which have become the beating heart of the village.

In Cacciano there are murals of all kinds, from artistic quotations to the trades of yesteryear, from animals of the rural world, to faces born from the imagination of talented artists. Each year the village hosts new proposals by local or outside painters. The authors of the murals today are highly recognized, and have worked in various places nationwide.

Murales di Cacciano
Ph. Famiglia Maroncelli/flickr

Mondolfo: A window on contemporary art

Mondolfo, a medieval village in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, has established itself as a bastion of street art in the Marche region. Enhancing contemporary art, Mondolfo has become a place where walls speak, tell stories and give voice to a variety of emotions and experiences.

With the aim of transforming the village into an oasis of contemporary art, the project "Mondolfo gallery without ceiling" wants to be a constantly evolving outdoor exhibition space that can offer citizens, tourists and especially young people the opportunity to approach art in a mode of fruition that is certainly unusual. Walking around Mondolfo, it almost feels like being in an open-air art gallery, an authentic celebration of artistic expressions.

Murales di Mondolfo
Ph. Fotofoto. be/flickr

Village street art in the Marche region represents a unique synergy between contemporary art and the historical heritage of these communities. The transformation of Braccano, Cacciano and Mondolfo into open-air museums underscores how art can be a powerful means of communication and a way to rediscover and preserve the beauty and cultural identity of Italian villages. Visiting them is a truly enveloping experience that allows one to immerse oneself in a dimension where art, history and Italian culture intertwine in a fascinating way.

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