What to see in the village

'Ludovico Noia' Museum of Oil Art and Peasant Culture
Located in the historic center of Trebisacce, the museum represents a private charitable initiati...
Via dei Massari, snc, Trebisacce
An architectural work that rises majestically over the Ionian Sea, a real walkway over the sea of...
Riviera dei Saraceni, 8, Trebisacce
Trebisacce waterfront
Considered "the living room of the Ionian town," it stretches for about five kilometers and is on...
Viale Magna Grecia, 37, Trebisacce
Chapel of St. Joseph
A jewel of sacred rural architecture, nestled in the nature of Trebisacce, inside which are the s...
87075, Trebisacce
Annunziata Gate
One of the four gates of the defensive system of Trebisacce that today represents one of the main...
Via delle Mura, Trebisacce
Bastion of Trebisacce
It constitutes the part of the ancient city wall of Trebisacce and one of the main historical and...
Via Bastione, 22, Trebisacce
Chapel of St. Anthony Abbot
Small chapel located in Trebisacce, dating back to the 18th century, where the Feast in honor of ...
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 2, Trebisacce
St. Nicholas of Myra Church
It is the mother church of Trebisacce, a sacred building with Byzantine origins dating back to th...
Piazza Progresso, Trebisacce