What to see in the village, in its surroundings and in the province of Viterbo

In the village

Cinque Sensi Park
The main feature of the Cinque Sensi Park is the barefoot path, inspired by the Northern European...
Via Gramignana, 1 - 01030, Vitorchiano
House of Santa Rosa
The house of Santa Rosa is the place where the saint would perform miracles.
Via Casa di Santa Rosa - 01100, Vitorchiano
Town Hall
The Town Hall of Vitorchiano is enclosed between two towers
Piazza Sant'Agnese, 16 - 01030, Vitorchiano
Church of the Madonna di San Nicola
Church of the Madonna di San Nicola has a single nave and is rich in frescoes.
Via Borgo Cavour, 45 - 01030, Vitorchiano
Moai of Vitorchiano
The Moai di Vitorchiano was sculpted in the 90s exclusively by hand with the typical Maori axes a...
Strada Provinciale 23 della Vezza, 19 - 01030, Vitorchiano

Within 10km from the village

Distances are set as the crow flies

Monsters Park
The Monsters Park is a monumental complex that is located at Bomarzo, in Lazio.
Via del Lavatoio, 121, località Giardino, Bomarzo (Viterbo)
7.37 Kilometers from Vitorchiano
Mother Church of Bomarzo
The Mother Church of Bomarzo, in Lazio, is located in the historic center of the village.
SP20, Bomarzo (Viterbo)
7.62 Kilometers from Vitorchiano

In the province of Viterbo

Distances are set as the crow flies

Ducal Bridge Fountain
A Latera attraction dating back to the 1600s. The Duke's Fountain present on each side of the coa...
Via Ripetta, 16, Latera (Viterbo)
362.47 Kilometers from Vitorchiano
Basilica Sanctuary of Maria Santissima del Suffragio
One of the most beautiful churches in Tuscia, the Basilica Santuario di Maria Santissima del Suff...
Piazza San Giovanni, Grotte di Castro (Viterbo)
34.35 Kilometers from Vitorchiano
Church of Santa Maria delle Colonne
Not far from the centre of the village of Grotte di Castro, the church dates from between the 12t...
01025, Grotte di Castro (Viterbo)
34.65 Kilometers from Vitorchiano
Chapel of St Agnes of Montepulciano
The small, circular chapel, founded in the Middle Ages, is one of the community's most beloved pl...
Via S. Agnese, 54, Proceno (Viterbo)
43.64 Kilometers from Vitorchiano
Necropolis of Vigna la Piazza
An archaeological area near Grotte di Castro characterised by the presence of individual pit buri...
SP48, Grotte di Castro (Viterbo)
33.28 Kilometers from Vitorchiano
Porta Magenta
Also known as Porta del Vignola, it was built in 1777 after the collapse of the original Porta Ro...
Piazza Cavour, 11, Valentano (Viterbo)
31.50 Kilometers from Vitorchiano
Public Gardens 'Camilla Virginia Savelli'
Located at the entrance to the village of Latera, the Public Park was named after the "Holy Duche...
Via Roma, 25, Latera (Viterbo)
34.04 Kilometers from Vitorchiano
Church of San Martino
Of Gothic origin, it is assumed that the Church of San Martino was built around 1200.
Corso Regina Margherita, 21, Proceno (Viterbo)
43.61 Kilometers from Vitorchiano