Castrocaro Terme

What to see in the village, in its surroundings and in the province of Forli Cesena

In the village

Castle of the Governor or Captain of the Square
The Governor's Castle dominates the Roman Gate towards Forlì.
Via Baccarini, 6 - 47011, Castrocaro Terme
Castle of the Captain of the Artillery
The Castle of the Captain of the Artilleries rises in the hinterland of the Adriatic Riviera.
Via Felice Cavallotti, 4 - 47011, Castrocaro Terme
Pieve di Santa Reparata
The Pieve di Santa Reparata dates back to the 6th century and was the first cult building erected...
Via Biondina, 106, Castrocaro Terme
Castle of Montepoggiolo
The Rocca di Monte Poggiolo rises 3 km from Terra del Sole
Via Ciola, 93 , Castrocaro Terme
Festival Pavilion
The Pavilion of the Festivals of Castrocaro Terme represents the Art Deco monument par excellence...
Viale Marconi, 32 c/o Galleria Terme, Castrocaro Terme
The medieval fortress of Castrocaro Terme rises imposing and majestic to protect the ancient vill...
Via Fortezza, 1, Castrocaro Terme
Palazzo Pretorio
Praetorian Palace was originally the seat of the Court of first instance for all Tuscany Romagna....
Via Vittorio Veneto, 3 - 47011, Castrocaro Terme
Church of Santa Reparata
The church of Santa Reparata is a majestic building in typical Renaissance style which houses val...
Piazza d'Armi - 47011 , Castrocaro Terme
Church of Saints Nicolò and Francesco
This church used to be an ancient Franciscan monastery
Via Nicola Guccerelli, 10 - 47011, Castrocaro Terme
Palazzo Piancastelli
Palazzo Piancastelli today hosts the direction of the S.p.A. Baths of Castrocaro.
Via Garibaldi, 52 - 47011 , Castrocaro Terme
Bell tower
The Bell Tower is better known as "Campanone"
Via S. Giovanni alle Murate - 47011, Castrocaro Terme
Church of San Giovanni Alla Murata
The church of San Giovanni is an authentic architectural gem.
Via Fortezza - 47011 , Castrocaro Terme

In the province of Forli Cesena

Distances are set as the crow flies

The Sacred Art Museum
The Sacred Art Museum finds important works of art alongside many priceless, sacred objects such...
Borgo Fausto, 46, Longiano (Forli Cesena)
31.91 Kilometers from Castrocaro Terme
Inter-religious Museum of Bertinoro
The Interreligious Museum is set up in the medieval secrets and in the sixteenth century cistern ...
Via Frangipane, 6 - 47032, Bertinoro (Forli Cesena)
14.68 Kilometers from Castrocaro Terme
San Zeno
A charming village located in the Rabbi valley, in the municipality of Galeata
loc. S. Zeno, Galeata (Forli Cesena)
18.87 Kilometers from Castrocaro Terme
At the top of the hill, Calbano was certainly for the romans - as it probably was the first for t...
Località Calbano, Sarsina (Forli Cesena)
32.41 Kilometers from Castrocaro Terme
Pieve di San Donato in Polenta
The church of San Donato in Polenta is famous for the poem composed by Giosuè Carducci
Via Polenta, 480 - 47032, Bertinoro (Forli Cesena)
16.23 Kilometers from Castrocaro Terme
Palazzo del Podestà and the historic center of Galeata
The Palazzo del Podestà in Galeata is an architectural gem worth exploring located among the arca...
Via F. Zannetti, 10, Galeata (Forli Cesena)
21.00 Kilometers from Castrocaro Terme
Villa of Theodoric
The Archaeological Area of Theodoric's Villa in Galeata is a fascinating historical site located ...
Via Pantano, loc. Saetta, Galeata (Forli Cesena)
20.03 Kilometers from Castrocaro Terme
The Borgo di Pianetto is a real treasure for lovers of history and architecture. Exploring this d...
Via borgo Pianetto, Galeata (Forli Cesena)
22.15 Kilometers from Castrocaro Terme