What to see in the village, in its surroundings and in the province of Salerno

In the village

Church of the Annunziata
One of Laurino's most significant places of worship, dating back to the 1500s, located along the ...
Piazza Agostino Magliani, Laurino
Ducal Palace
Located overlooking the town of Laurino, the Ducal Palace is divided into two parts: the eastern ...
Via Pedale, 14, Laurino

In the province of Salerno

Distances are set as the crow flies

Church of Santa Maria Assunta
Located in the center of Positano, the abbey is known for its suggestive majolica dome.
Via Marina Grande, 84017, Positano (Salerno)
78.91 Kilometers from Laurino
Infreschi and Masseta Marine Protected Area
An area of extraordinary beauty and historical importance located along the coast of Marina di Ca...
Campania, San Giovanni a Piro, Camerota (Salerno)
37.39 Kilometers from Laurino
Infreschi Museum
A visit to the Infreschi Museum is a unique opportunity to learn more about the natural, historic...
Via Porto - Marina di Camerota, Camerota (Salerno)
37.61 Kilometers from Laurino
Convent of San Francesco
The Convent of San Francesco rises at the foot of Terravecchia in borgo di Giffoni Valle Piana, i...
Via S. Francesco, 1, Giffoni Valle Piana (Salerno)
53.85 Kilometers from Laurino
Noglio Cave
Located along the coast east of Marina di Camerota, near the inlet of Porto Infreschi, Grotta del...
Costa di Camerota, Camerota (Salerno)
36.75 Kilometers from Laurino
St. Mary's Palace - House of Culture and the Arts - MUTRAC
An authentic window to the past, a place where art, history and traditions of Cilento meet and me...
Via degli Emigranti, 7, Camerota (Salerno)
34.07 Kilometers from Laurino
Chapel of St. Anthony
A place of worship and devotion located in Camerota, Cilento. A private church that is opened to ...
84040, Camerota (Salerno)
35.00 Kilometers from Laurino
Church of Santa Maria ad Martyres
Located in Lentiscosa di Camerota, the house of worship features many frescoes reminiscent of Byz...
Via Lucania, 55/29 - fraz. Lentiscosa, Camerota (Salerno)
35.33 Kilometers from Laurino